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6 Apartments For Rent In Montreal That Are Perfect For You & Your BFF

Anyone need a new place?
6 Apartments For Rent In Montreal That Are Perfect For You & Your BFF

Looking for an apartment is one of the most stressful things you can possibly do - especially if you are broke with expensive taste. Undoubtedly, the apartment search can leave you discouraged at times. Luckily for us, there are always apartments for rent in Montreal that make ideal spots for you to move into with your bestie.

Moving in with someone allows you to get more bang for your buck and these 2-bedroom units prove just that.

Living with someone can be tricky, but totally worth it for so many reasons, including splitting the cost of the rent. Throughout this list, you will be amazed at how far your money can get you.

Most of the units included below are newly-renovated and all of them offer an abundance of charm. Everyone looks for something different in an apartment, but one thing is for sure, we all want to be proud of where we live.

If you are looking for a new spot to call home, the following places may inspire you to pack up your bags and start fresh with your BFF.

I know you can't buy happiness, but you certainly can rent it.

Please note that the listings in this article can change at any time and will be taken off of once landlords find suitable tenants.

And now, without further or do your potential new apartments!

Bright 2-Bedroom Apartment With A Balcony: $1750/Month

This beautiful apartment is located on Prince Arthur, one of the most desired areas in Montreal as it is walking distance from everything!

There is an abundance of natural light that seeps into this recently renovated apartment, making it a great and affordable spot for you and your BFF to call home.

View the listing here.

Westmount Apartment With A Parking Spot: $1925/Month

Situated in the heart of Westmount, this gorgeous 2-bedroom 2-bathroom 7th-floor apartment offers some awesome views.

Not only is this apartment 860 square feet of charm but there also happens to be a private balcony, which is something I absolutely love.

And best of all, for less than $1000 each per month, you and your bestie can live here!

View the listing here.

Renovated 3-Bedroom: $1825/Month

This stunning 3-bedroom apartment is equipped with modern furnishings and all appliances.

From the Quartz countertops in the kitchen to the new stainless steel appliances, everything about this unit is perfection, including the price.

For a little over $600 per person every month - you can live in this dream-like apartment!

View the listing here.

Crisp & Clean 2-Bedroom Apartment: $1485/Month

This beautifully renovated unit includes new appliances, including a washer and dryer for just $1485 per month.

The crisp white finishings add a modern flair to this spot. So, if you are looking for a new place to live, this is a great option. For $743 a month per person, you can call this apartment home.

This is not the only available unit in the building, but it is the cheapest!

View the listing here.

Large 2-Bedroom With Tons Of Storage Space: $1449/Month

This awesome unit located in Hampstead exudes a ton of charm. From the tree-lined streets to the brick of the building and the well-maintained interior all add to the appeal of this apartment.

With close access to public transportation and all necessities, this is a great option for any friends looking to move in together!

View the listing here.

2-Bedroom Haven Outside Of The City: $1125/Month

It is no secret that Laval offers more bang for its buck, which is why I wanted to include one Laval rental property on this list.

This brand-new 2-bedroom apartment is sprawling in beautiful features and with over 1200 square feet of space, you and your BFF would be getting this unit for a great price.

The only downfall is that it's is not in Montreal.

View the listing here.

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