6 Apps With Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Cash In Montreal This Holiday Season

Who doesn't need a little more money?
6 Apps With Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Cash In Montreal This Holiday Season

This is usually the time of year when our bank accounts are getting a little low but our expenses are on the rise. Maybe you're already working and just want a few part-time gigs to earn some extra money, or maybe you're a student with little to no work experience or little to no time to work around a set job schedule. Whatever the reason, there are some mobile apps where you can pick up side jobs in Montreal to keep your wallet from feeling less lonely.

No, these apps won't make you rich, but they do offer a flexible schedule (you really do work when you want), at least minimum wage, and a way to capitalize on things you like doing (or at least don't hate).

You can spend a couple of hours here and there looking after dogs or kids, putting together furniture or using your computer skills and reviewing websites. 

Sure, there's always Uber or one of the many food delivery services, but you need a car, and sometimes, the pay isn't worth it. 

The jobs listed below all list a set pay amount before you even take the job on, so you'll know if it's worth your effort. 

Setting up your profile on the sites below won't take too much time, but most will run a quick background check which can take a few days. Some may also charge an "activation fee" (on average $40) that is paid off incrementally through accepting tasks. 

So, if you need to make some extra cash for the holidays (and beyond), check out the six task-oriented apps below.


Rover is a great way to make money if you like animals and can take care of other's pets like dogs or cats. You can customize your profile to include the size, type or house-trained level of the animal in question, so you'll only be around animals you're comfortable with.

Pay: You can set your own rates but in the beginning, it's suggested you start out a little lower. Rover takes 20% of whatever you make. Suggested rates are as follows:

Animal Boarding: $30

Drop-In Visits: $20

Dog Walking: $15

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It's still gearing up in Montreal, but MealSharing is already in 150 countries. It's perfect for people that love to cook and host others; and are hopefully good at it. You can make a little extra money by selling some of the dishes to other city locals and meeting new people.

Pay: Average of $10 per plate

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Ask For Task

This is a very straightforward app to use. Once you've been accepted, the app will notify you when there is a listing in your area depending on the type of task you signed up for; house cleaning, handyman, general help. You'll be able to see the scope of the job along with its location. All you have to do is accept it and follow the next steps.


Cleaners Pay: $18/hr - $22/hr
Handyman Pay: $34/hr - $40/hr
General Help Pay: $15/hr

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Specifically made with students in mind, Jobees is an app for people looking for services from students. You will have to go through a screening process to validate your education status and reliability, and will also need a valid university email address. Jobs can range from tutoring to data entry, to cleaning and snow removal, and even writing and translation.

Pay: Completely dependent on the task

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If you can't deal with leaving the house you can always check out UserTesting which pays you to review websites or apps, complete various tasks on them, and record your thoughts out loud. You will have to complete a test recording before you're accepted. The company is currently looking for Canadian testers.

Pay: $10 per every 20-minute video you complete. Paid through PayPal

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If you have babysitting experience and actually enjoy being around children, Sitter may be right for you. Job listings are for daycare workers, childcare providers, nannies, and sitters. As a Sitter, you can dictate what age group you are most comfortable with, along with your availabilities.

Pay: You can set your own minimum hourly amount.

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Now, let's go make some money.

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