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6 Of The Best Gin Joints In Montreal Where You Can Feel Like The Fancy B**** You Are

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine..."
6 Of The Best Gin Joints In Montreal Where You Can Feel Like The Fancy B**** You Are

Gin is a magical alcohol; drink it straight, mixed with only a splash of tonic, classic as in a martini, or use it as the base for most any cocktail. Quebec itself is a huge gin distiller with over 75 options at the SAQ alone. The popularity of gin over the last decade has given rise to some of the best gin and cocktail bars in Montreal

Finding a good cocktail bar in the city is about as easy as throwing a stone. But if you're on the lookout for some of the best and varied gins the globe has to offer, Montreal also has that niche covered. 

Whatever mood you're in; modern, 40s-inspired, French bistro-style, even a classic throwback bar that only plays vinyl records, Montreal has a spot where you can sit back and indulge in gins from Quebec, Canada, and around the world.

The juniper spirit shows no sign of sloeing (see what I did there) down as the alcohol of choice for craft cocktails. So whether you're new to the alcohol and want to try a tasting or if you're already an expert keep reading below for six of the best bars in Montreal to check out if you're a gin lover. 

Bar Le Record

Where: 7622 rue Saint-Hubert

This vinyl record bar is worth the visit even if you're not a gin fan. But if you are, the cocktail menu leans heavily to drinks based on gin and bourbon. If you head there on Sunday or Mondays, basic cocktails (like a gin and tonic) are only $7.

Take a look at the menu!


Where: 143 rue Saint-Paul O.

With over 70 gin choices to choose from, this swanky Old Port bar has become the destination for gin lovers. Originally set up in Griffintown, Bistro Licence IV also has a rotating drink menu that usually changes every few months to include new gin (and other alcohol) based cocktails.

This bistro is also starting new boozy brunches if you want to take it to that next level and start your morning off with drinks.

See the website!

Bartizen - Lounge À Gin & Parfum

Where: 901 rue du Square-Victoria, Montreal

Located in the W hotel, Bartizen has a sort of intimate glamour influenced by the 1940s. The bar specializes in Quebec gins and mixed with artisanal perfumes, these drinks become gastronomic cocktails.

They close early, 11 p.m. - so think of this as a relaxed lounge to start your night or enjoy with friends.

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Le Pourvoyeur

Where: 1430 rue Fleury E & 184 rue Jean-Talon

With two locations, one in Ahuntsic and one in Jean-Talon market, this bar proves over and over again that if you're looking for a real gin bar, Le Pourvoyeur is it.

The wait staff is knowledgeable, so if you get stuck choosing from the huge menu, ask for some recommendations.

Take a look at the full list of gins!

Pub l’Île Noire

Where: 1649 rue Saint-Denis

Open for over 30 years, this is the Montreal staple when it comes to scotch. But it also specializes in gins - and may just have one of the biggest gin repertoires in the city. Want to try something new? Go for a degustation to tease the palette.

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Bishop & Bagg

Where: 52 rue Saint Viateur O.

This Mile-End British pub has an amazing assortment of gins that span 21 Countries. And, one province (Quebec) and they are constantly adding new bottles to the mix like the Diega Gin from Mexico.

Take a look for more info!

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