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6 Jobs With The Montreal Canadiens That Don't Require Any Hockey Skills

Here's your chance to be a Hab by-proxy!
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6 Jobs With The Montreal Canadiens That Don't Require Any Hockey Skills

At some point, I think every little boy and girl in Montreal dreams of scoring the game-winning goal for the Montreal Canadiens. While becoming a professional hockey player is incredibly difficult, you can still work for your favourite hockey team. What's awesome is that more often than not, you don't need to play hockey or even know how to skate! 

Every professional sports team has an army of front-office officials and arena staff to guarantee everything goes smoothly. 

Behind the scenes, Habs players are serviced by a legion of equipment managers, physiotherapists, and chefs.

In the offices, teams of social media experts, web developers, marketing experts, editors, and accountants work around the clock to promote and improve the team's public image. 

An arena like the Bell Centre, which can accommodate over 20,000 people and hosts events 12 months a year, needs a staff of tour guides, concessions workers, security guards, and customer service people. 

Even though you don't always think about it, the Montreal Canadiens would be nothing and go nowhere without all these hard-working people behind the scenes. So, even if you suck at hockey, you can be an essential member of one of the most storied hockey teams in the NHL.

Here are six awesome jobs with the Montreal Canadiens! 

Equipment Supervisor

This contractural position will have you working for the arena's logistics team, managing the inventory of the equipment storage room.

Your responsibilities will include taking care of the furniture in the loges, providing walkie-talkies to arena staff, managing the arena's lost and found, and other related tasks.

If this sounds like the right job for you, apply today.

Front-End Developer

The Habs are looking for a front-end web developer to help them optimize the Montreal Canadiens official website and other online resources.

The position requires at least two years of experience and extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, SEO, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Apply today and leave your mark on the Montreal Canadiens's digital platforms.

Coordinator for Habs TV

Habs TV is looking for an experienced coordinator to assist them with the production, planning, and ideation of online video content.

The ideal candidate has at least two years of experience in a similar function and has extensive knowledge of video editing software.

If you've always wanted to share an office with Youppi, apply today.

Event Security at the Bell Centre

The Bell Centre is looking for event security to join its incredible team. Whether it's a hockey game, concert, or music festival, event security is a crucial part of the process.

The ideal candidate is bilingual and has some experience in a similar function. A security guard permit is required to apply.

If being a Bell Centre bouncer sounds appealing to you, apply today.

Bilingual Tour Guide for the Habs

You'll be working as a tour guide under the Montreal Canadiens community relations team. Your responsibilities will include providing guided tours of the Bell Centre while adhering to a script.

You'll need to have extensive knowledge of Canadiens history and stay up to date on all events and changes made to the Bell Centre.

If it's your dream to roam the halls of the Bell Centre, apply to be a tour guide today.

Promotional Agent

As a promotional agent, you'll be responsible for engaging the public and informing them on a wide array of events, hockey-related and otherwise.

Your responsibilities will include hosting promotional events both inside and outside the arena, engaging with fans, and distributing promo material. Bilingualism is essential.

If this sounds like the right job for you, apply today.

See, you don't have to be a hockey player to work for the Montreal Canadiens!

These and plenty of other jobs are available with the Groupe CH. Be sure to check often to see if you're qualified for one.

For more jobs, consult the Montreal Canadiens's official website.

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