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6 Language Learning Apps For English Montrealers To Learn French During Quarantine

What better time than now?
6 Language Learning Apps For English Montrealers To Learn French During Quarantine

Between working or studying from home and the lack of outside activities and friends to keep us busy, it suddenly seems like there are more hours in a day. But on an optimistic note, this also gives us the chance to get creative and start taking advantage of the extra time. This means getting to do things we have always wanted to do, try, or learn. So, what better time than now to download a language learning app and practice your French skills?

There are apps out there for pretty much every level from absolute beginner to nearly fluent. It's a matter of how you best like to learn. 

Do flashcards and memorization techniques work for you? Or maybe you're better suited to chatting it up with native speakers? Are you motivated by gamification language apps? There are so many options out there that won't cost you a penny but still have all the basics to get you through the next few weeks. 


Cost: Free (with limitations); Premium Plus: approx $120 for one year

There is a quick five-minute placement test or you jump straight in as a beginner. If you choose the Premium Plus plan, they will even create a personalized study plan.

Check it out!


Cost: Free

The best way to learn a language is to just throw yourself in. With HelloTalk, you can chat with native French speakers and not leave the house. And isn’t that the point?

See how it works!


Cost: Free

It's totally free, it's easy to use, it's simple but fun with a game-like platform. It tends to be best for beginners or those starting out.

Download it now!


Cost: Free

This app is super straightforward and easy to use. It uses lots of repetition and flashcards and like Duolingo, it uses a game structure for users.

Download it today!


Cost: Free

This might be the most basic app on the list, but it's still worth a try if you're looking for something new. It's mostly based on rote learning — if that's your thing.

Check out the site!


Cost: Free

While not necessarily an app, if you're a podcast fan, these are a great way to practice listening comprehension on topics you are actually interested in.

Balado Quebec: if you want to stay true to the province, this site has Quebec-only podcasts covering multiple genres.


Daily French Pod: Great five-minute segments to practice listening to bite-sized news pieces.


News In Slow French: Imagine top stories from France (gasp) and around the world but with exaggerated pronunciation at a slower than usual pace.


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