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6 Montreal Apartments With Dream Balconies Perfect For Summer Sangria Drinking

Because we can all agree-a that sangria is always better with a view!
6 Montreal Apartments With Dream Balconies Perfect For Summer Sangria Drinking

There are two things that we can all agree on: sangria is basically a fruit salad and that drinking sangria is one of the best parts about summer. But if there's anything I've come to learn is that if you want to make sangria even better, you drink it outside. This is why we sought out Montreal apartments for rent right now that have perfect happy hour balconies.

After a long day of work or busy days of Montreal summer fun, relaxing with a drink in hand and taking in the views is a great way to end the day.

And with lots of people getting ready to move, making sure you have a balcony for at-home 5 à 7s is a must.

So to get into the spirit of both sangria and moving seasons and to help out my fellow sangria-specialists (or cocktail connoisseurs, in general), we decided to look at cinq à sept apartments with balconies, which we got six of in total... Funny how things work out.

Modern And Bohemian 1-Bedroom In The Mile-End

Price: $1,520/month

Two words that describe the Mile-End perfectly. Imagine hanging out on this super chill balcony in one of Montreal's trendiest neighbourhoods, sipping on sangria and relaxing after a busy day.

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2-Bedroom Duplex Near Station Côte-des-Neige

Price: $2,500/month

This upper duplex is perfectly located near UM, Concordia and McGill, plus it has easy access to downtown and Westmount.

After a busy day, you can make sangria and snacks in the newly renovated kitchen and enjoy them on the 350 square foot terrasse.

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2-Bedroom In Longueuil With A View Of The City

Price: $1,199/month

Across the way in Longueuil is this apartment with a breathtaking view of the water and Montreal. Because sometimes the only thing better than the views in the city are the views of the city as a whole.

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1-Bedroom In The Plateau

Price: $1,750/month

Definitely one of the pricier apartments on our list, but the Parisian-style top floor of a duplex has its own private balcony and is only a ten-minute walk from Parc La Fontaine and near Station Mont-Royal.

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2-Bedroom Between The Mountain And Parc LaFontaine

Price: $1,950/month

Less than a 15-minute walk from both parks, this apartment for two is in the middle of the Plateau. Plus, it's brand new, making everything inside just as beautiful.

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Cozy And Natural 1-Bedroom

Price: $1,600/month

This one-bedroom is both rustic and homey, with everything included, including these gorgeous views.

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So, let's raise a glass to sangria and to your new apartment!

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