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6 Montreal Bakeries That Are Worth Every Calorie

I'll take four of your butteriest croissants, please.
6 Montreal Bakeries That Are Worth Every Calorie
  • It doesn't matter if you prefer brownies, brioches, or buttery croissants, Montreal bakeries are sure to satisfy all of your cravings.
  • From cannolis and croissants to donuts and danishes — I made this list for the sweet tooths living in our city.
  • Check it out below!

If you've got a sweet tooth, know that I wrote this article with you in mind. For those who have put themselves on a strict meal plan, power to ya, but keep the Montreal bakeries on this list for your next cheat day. The spots on this list are all a little scattered around the city, which was done on purpose to make sure whenever a craving hits, you'll know where to go to satisfy it.

I truly respect people that pay attention to their daily calorie intake, for whatever reason they choose to. But I've also admitted to myself that I will never be one of those people. Maybe it's because I don't like numbers, or maybe it's because I really like brownies — or potentially both those reasons.

Knowing that there are other treat lovers like me in our city, I figured I would do us all a favour and make a list of some of the best Montreal bakeries to head to whenever our sweet tooths start talking.

Remember, you can order a piece of cake, or the entire thing — don't let anyone shame ya for that one.

Café Dei Campi

Address: 1360, blvd. Rosemont

This café has everything your sweet tooth has ever dreamed of. And the best part? All the desserts are vegan. So you have no reason to feel bad about however many sticky buns you choose to intake!

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

Address: 277, rue Dante

If you constantly find yourself daydreaming of Italian pastries, you'll be happy to know that Pasticceria Alati-Caserta, found in the heart of Montreal's Little Italy, can make all of these dreams become a reality. And by that, I mean you'll be walking into cannoli heaven.

Trou de Beigne

Addresses: 156, rue Saint-Zotique E. & 30, rue Sainte-Catherine W.

This bakery's name gives its specialty away immediately: donuts. And they come in a variety of flavours, so you're likely to catch yourself going back time and time again just to try a new one.

Fous Desserts

Address: 809, ave. Laurier E.

The pastry chefs at Fous Desserts make, hands down, some of the most unique sweets I have ever laid my eyes on. The second you walk through the door, you're going to want to try every single one of them.

Mamie Clafoutis

Address: Find the nine locations here.

This bakery first opened its doors in Outremont by two bakers from France and continuously gained popularity since that day in 2008. Now, there are nine Mamie Clafoutis' across Quebec and Ontario. Believe me when I say you can taste the love that goes into making their desserts!

Café Bazin

Address: 380, ave. Victoria

If you were wondering where to get your hands on some of the best croissants in the city, Café Bazin is your answer. This little spot is the perfect place to indulge!