6 Jobs For English Speakers In Montreal That Are Hiring Right Now

Sometimes, you don't only have to speak French.
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6 Jobs For English Speakers In Montreal That Are Hiring Right Now

Let's face it - if you're looking for a job in Montreal and don't speak French, you're facing a Herculean task that quickly morphs into a Sisyphean task. Greek mythology metaphors aside, the odds might be against you but as Nike (the shoes, not the goddess) tells us "impossible is nothing." There are plenty of jobs in Montreal for English speakers — all you have to is look! 

MTL Blog is on a mission to break the myth that anglophones can't get jobs in Montreal because we know how far from true this is.

From tutoring to retail work, there's often a wide variety of jobs that require exclusively English-speaking people. Sometimes, you can find a job with a company from Ontario or the U.S. that has offices in Montreal. And other times, a Quebec company might be looking for an English speaker to help grow its business. 

Many people fail to see all the opportunities that surround them, so we're here to let the English speakers of our city know what chances they have on their plate. So without further or do, here are the six best jobs for English-speakers in Montreal available right now! 

Telesales Agent at 411 Smart Search

Salary: $14 - $25/hour

411 Smart Search is an established online marketing company that's looking for telephone agents for their Montreal sales team. Previous sales experience is a benefit, but not essential!

To apply to 411 Smart Search, click here.

Sales Representative at LVM

Salary: $35,000/year

LVM is a leading Montreal-based advertising agency. They are looking for an experienced English-speaking sales rep to join their global team. At least two years of experience in a similar capacity is essential.

Apply to LVM and live out your "Mad Men" dreams today!

Résidences Quebec

PAB/PSW at Manoir Beaconsfield

Salary: to be determined

Manoir Beaconsfield is an assisted-living facility that's looking for an experienced English-speaking personal support worker to join their team. Patience and compassion are a must for this type of work.

If you're ready for a unique challenge in the medical field, don't hesitate to apply today! It says "urgently hiring" on the job posting, so make sure to act fast!

Product Content Writer at WorkJam

Salary: to be determined

WorkJam is looking for an English content writer to optimize its online platform and SEO engine. If you're a skilled copy editor with a keen eye, this could be the job for you!

Apply to WorkJam today!

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Administrative Assistant at MNC Capital Inc.

Salary: to be determined

You'll be working with* the CEO of MNC Capital, managing client relationships, emails, and documents. The position demands someone who is comfortable multi-tasking and is an independent worker.

If this sounds like the right job for you, apply today!

Animal Welfare Research Assistant at Charles River

Salary: to be determined

At Charles River, your responsibilities as a research assistant include conducting lab tests and research on animal behaviour and the welfare of these animals. The position is a temporary summer-only post, for English-speaking students in veterinary sciences.

To apply for this summer position, please click here.

As much as it helps, you don't always have to speak French to get a job in Montreal. You just have to look really really (really) hard — but don't let that deter you!

Good luck on the job hunt, Montreal!

*This article has been updated.

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