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6 Montreal Spots That Will Deliver Your Daily Fix Of Bubble Tea To Your Door

More bubble tea, please!
6 Montreal Spots That Will Deliver Your Daily Fix Of Bubble Tea To Your Door

Bubble tea has become a favourite to so many of us throughout the years. There's something delectable about the sweet and milky substance combined with the tapioca balls that just oozes flavour. If you've never tried one, now's your chance to since Montreal is blessed with bubble tea delivery.

One of the things I'm most grateful for is how many local spots are still open for both takeout and delivery. From junk food spots to healthy eats, there's nothing off-limits right now, okay?

The sun making its way through my window has me thinking about all kinds of delicious drinks I could be sipping on. This is why I'm thrilled that certain restaurants around the city are delivering bubble tea via UberEats and DoorDash. 

This unique drink comes in a vast amount of flavours. Milk tea is usually the base, and you can choose between the flavours that appeal to you most.

The variety of bubble teas out there allows for people of all taste buds to continue to love it.

And if you've never tried it, why not take this time to try something new and tasty? You have nothing to lose since delivery makes it so easy, and I bet you'll love it!


Chatime probably has the biggest array of bubble tea in the city. From the signature milk lattes to smoothies and slushes you'll definitely find something that you enjoy drinking.


Sandwicherie Sue

Sandwhicherie Sue is known for its delicious menu items including the decadent bubble tea. My personal go-to options are mango and watermelon.


Miss Pho

Miss Pho | Website

Miss Pho will not only deliver tasty Pho right to your door but as a bonus, you can even get a bubble tea to sip on!


Wok To Go


Wok To Go makes one of the best litchi bubble teas I've ever tried. Trust me, it's worth treating yourself to.


Restaurant La Maison Thai

From amazing Thai dishes to flavour-filled bubble tea, this establishment will deliver straight to your house and satisfy your every craving!



If you're looking for a ton of options when it comes to bubble tea, Presotea has everything you can imagine and more. And, best of all, you can get your bubble tea delivered right to you — so you don't have to move a muscle!


Happy sipping, Montreal!

If ever the URLs above don't work for you, make sure to try the UberEats and DoorDash apps to see if these restaurants deliver to you.

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