6 Open Jobs In & Around Montreal With Salaries Over $100,000

From helicopter pilots to marketing executives, big salary jobs offer tons of opportunity.
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6 Open Jobs In Montreal With Salaries Over $100,000
  • Here are 6 open jobs in Montreal with salaries over $100,000.
  • You'll need years of experience for these positions, so they may be more aspirational for many.
  • Also remember that, often, salaries are commensurate with experience, so that sweet $100,000 is never a guarantee.

You probably already know about the many jobs that are available in Montreal for young students and recent graduates but if you've been working in a specific field for a long time, finding a new or more advanced position presents its own set of challenges. Whether you're looking to advance up the corporate ladder or are looking for an interesting new challenge, there are a ton of jobs available for you to find! 

Keep in mind that many of these jobs require multiple years of experience, so if you're a recent grad, these might be more aspirational than realistic.

But don't worry, if you're in any one of these fields, stick around and you can be in for a huge salary in the future. 

The listed jobs all have a salary range of over $100,000 which is way above the average. Money isn't everything, of course, but it's certainly nice to have the mobility that a good salary allows.

It takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication, but the benefits are totally worth it. 

From helicopter pilots to engineering managers, and more, here's a sampling of jobs with a salary of over $100,000 in Montreal.

Note that these job postings are subject to change at any time and will disappear once employers find a good candidate.

Helicopter Commander at the Ministre des Transports

Salary: Up to $109,907/year

You'll be responsible for commanding medium and light helicopters, the safety of passengers and cargo, and ensuring flights are in accordance with air traffic control regulations.

Many years of experience in flying helicopters is essential.

To take to the skies, apply to be a helicopter commander today!

Product Marketing Manager at Epic Games

Salary: $100,000 – $140,000/year

The creators of Fortnite and many other hit games are looking for a highly experienced product marketing manager for their Unreal Engine, Unreal Studio, Twinmotion, and Online Services products.

You'll be conducting marketing research, developing advertising strategies, and so much more.

Join the exciting world of executive advertising at Epic Games today!

Régie du bâtiment Manager at the Government of Quebec

Salary: $102,795 – $138,771/year

The ideal candidate will have many years of experience with the knowledge of sources, principles, and rules of public administration law including Quebec's Building Act (chapter B-1.1), the Act respecting boards of inquiry (chapter C-37) and the Administrative Justice Act (chapter J-3).

You'll be making decisions based on public interest, hold hearings, deliberate, and render reasoned decisions in writing.

Apply to be the manager of the Régie du bâtiment today!

Engineering Project Coordinator at the STM

Salary: Up to $112,462/year

You'll be responsible for consulting and working on multidisciplinary projects related to maintaining metro assets.

The ideal candidate will have more than five years of experience and be a registered member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

For an awesome job at one of Montreal's most important companies, apply today!

Talent Acquisition Manager at TD Bank

Salary: Undisclosed (up to $112,000 and higher according to Glassdoor)

Talent acquisition is a unique job in which you'll be compiling and sourcing high-quality job candidates from multiple sources.

You'll liaise with human relations managers and other teams to establish recruiting needs and build a strong team culture. You need at least seven years of experience.

Apply to work for TD Bank today!

IT Security Director at Drake International

Salary: $100,000 – $135,000/year

You'll be leading all company divisions in establishing a safe and secure cybersecurity network.

You'll need a minimum of 15 years of experience in managing and developing IT security services.

If you're passionate about cybersecurity, this is the job for you!

Good luck with the job search, Montreal!

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Staff Writer
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