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6 Public Service Jobs In The Quebec Government With Awesome Benefits

From architects to airline pilots and everything in between!
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6 Public Service Jobs In The Quebec Government With Awesome Benefits
  • In the midst of many people's job hunts, they forget to look up Quebec government jobs, but with the awesome benefits they come with, there's no reason not to consider them!
  • Let's be honest - who doesn't want paid vacations and a pension plan?
  • Find out where you should be applying below!

Quebec government jobs may not be the first idea you have considering certain restrictions and the requirement to speak French all the time. However, public service jobs are some of the most well-paid and benefit-rich careers out there. Let's be real - who doesn't love paid vacations, a pension plan, salary insurance, no office expenses, sick leave, and continuing education programs? 

There's a misconception that jobs of this nature require you to work in some kind of political or law enforcement function, but there are in fact a variety of careers available in public service. Sure, you can choose the obvious options like teaching and engineering, but did you know that you can become a government veterinarian?  

While applying to these jobs is a little more complicated than your standard job application, the process is still relatively simple. Keep in mind that one of the non-negotiables is that you have to be 100 percent fluent in French. But, if you're a resident of Quebec, that might not be a problem. 

Even the most casual public service jobs come with benefits and a salary that's unmatched on the regular job market. If you don't find what you're looking for, make sure to check again because there are always jobs available. 

Here are six public service jobs in the Quebec government with awesome benefits! 

French Professor For Adult Immigrants

Salary: $41,390 to $80,572

As a French professor for new immigrants, you'll be working under the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration. Your responsibilities will include teaching language and socio-economic aspects of the province, playing a key role in the integration of immigrants.

The job is on an occasional basis, but if you're a teacher looking for an interesting challenge this could be the opportunity for you!

Forensic Pathology

Salary: $172,951 to $185,004

You'll be working at the laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine of the Ministry of Public Security. This captivating job will have you working closely with law enforcement officials and coroners to help carry out forensic autopsies.

If you've got what it takes and want to take a big step in your forensics career, apply today!


Salary: $60,359 to $88,256 (non-specialists), $68,231 to $99,767 (specialists)

If you're in veterinary medicine and are looking for an exciting opportunity to get into public service, you should consider working for the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks.

With consulting and managing roles in everything from animal welfare to zoological medicine, there's no way you can pass up this opportunity!

Secretarial Agent

Salary: $35,668 to $45,658

If you're a meticulously organized person and want to have a direct hand in providing administrative assistance, you can apply to be a secretarial agent for the Ministry of Finance.

It's rare to find a job like this with full benefits, so hurry and apply if you've got what it takes!

Business Airplane Pilot

Salary: $93,781 to $109,907 (commanders), $64,030 to $75,079 (co-pilots)

Working for the Government Air Service under the Ministry of Transport, tasked with not only transporting government officials and public administrators but also carrying out emergency evacuation missions to remote regions in Quebec.

If you're an experienced pilot or co-pilot and want to contribute to saving lives, apply today!


Salary: $47,009 to $86,585 (professional), $43,429 to $46,096 (trainee)

Architects can work for various government agencies helping design and conceptualize schools, social housing, hospitals, heritage buildings, courthouses, detention facilities and public buildings.

Creatives and architects of various skill levels are required to join a growing team of experts. Apply today!

Your dream job could be in public service!

There are plenty more careers available, consult the government's official job portal.

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