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6 Enchanting Hidden Oases Near Montreal You Have To Find Before Fall Is Over

Surround yourself by nature for a day or two.
6 Road Trips From Montreal To Enchanting Hidden Oases
  • Sometimes we all need a break from the city and the people in it, and these road trips from Montreal to hidden oases are the perfect way to escape both.
  • This list includes six locations for you to disappear whenever you need a breather from your daily life.

We often forget the number of gorgeous locations that surround our city. Since most of us are currently craving a vacation, it is only natural to browse destinations that are in your price range. Many of us don't have the time to whisk off to Bermuda on a whim since that requires a lot of planning. So, that's why we're here, to fill you in on the many road trips to hidden locations within hours of our city!

The following spots are not only gorgeous but each of them has a hidden charm that will allow you to disconnect from your day-to-day reality and live life in the moment, surrounded by the beauties of nature.

It can be tough to get time off work and sometimes, as humans, we simply need to disconnect. That is why these destinations are ideal because they are all so close to our city. You can decide to make a weekend out of the trip or you can even take off for the day.

From hidden waterfalls to picturesque quarries each of these low-key locations has something unique to offer its visitors. And, the best part is, they are all less than 3 hours away! 

Why not grab your best friend, make a good playlist and hit the road? It'll be worth it!

Epic Waterfalls 

Where: Chutes Waber

Distance from Montreal: 2 hours & 45-minute drive

Located in La Mauricie National Park, the Waber falls can be a little tricky to locate, which makes the view even more worth it. You can choose to take a canoe or you can hike to the spot.

Although this is a popular destination throughout the months of summer, the nature surrounding the falls is mesmerizing during any season. So, get those hiking boots on and go explore!

Find out how to get to Chutes Waber here!

Impressive Natural Spring

Where: Warren Falls

Distance from Monreal: 2-hour drive

Although this destination is only 2-hours away, you are going to need your passport because Warren Falls is located in Vermont.

Right across the border lies one of the most impressive natural springs in our corner of the continent. Situated in Mad River Valley, this destination provides the most Insta-worthy views your followers have ever seen.

Learn more about Warren Falls here!

Breathtaking Gorge With A Cascading River

Where: Ausable Chasm

Distance from Montreal: 2-hour drive

Located in New York state, this destination is called "the grand canyon of the Adirondacks," and it's close to Montreal!

The 2-mile long sandstone gorge has a river that runs through it, which makes for a spectacular view. There are also incredible rock formations that are in eye view.

Ready to make your way to Ausable Chasm?

Peaceful Quarry

Where: Dorset Marble Quarry

Distance from Montreal: 2-hour drive

Part of Dorset’s Emerald Lake, the Dorset Marble Quarry offers some incredible views.

Known as a cliff diving spot during the summer, this destination is a perfect mini-getaway for anyone who is looking to blow off some steam and escape for the day.

This destination offers a little piece of heaven, and anyone who has been there will tell you that it's nothing short of magical.

Find out how to get to the quarry here!

Secret Trail With Epic Views

Where: Camels Hump

Distance from Montreal: 2-hour drive

Located only 2 hours away from Montreal, this somewhat secret trail has without a doubt some of the most striking views in Vermont.

As you make your way up the trail, you can spot the highest peaks of Mount Marcy in New York, Mouth Washington in New Hampshire, and Mount Mansfield in Vermont.

Looking for a cool hiking trail?

Enormous Waterfall

Where: Chute de la Chaudiere

Distance from Montreal: 2 hours and 25-minute drive

This imposing waterfall is surrounded by natural scenery, hiking and bike trails, along with a suspension bridge, which you can't find in the city.

Not only does this location offer magnificent views and richness in the landscape, but it is one of the most serene destinations you can find within driving distance of Montreal.

Find out more about this waterfall here!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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