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7 Apartments For Rent In Montreal With Perfect Balconies To Watch Spring Bloom

You won't even want to sleep indoors.
7 Apartments For Rent In Montreal With Perfect Balconies To Watch Spring Bloom
  • Spring is on its way to our city, so if you're currently in the process of looking at Montreal apartments, why not get one with a lovely balcony to watch the season roll in on?
  • See our list of available apartments with balconies around the city below!

What better way to take in the spring than by enjoying it from the comfort and privacy of your own balcony? Here you could sit back, take in the scenic views, and yet never be too far from your couch. It is mandatory for some people, when looking for a new apartment, to make sure they have outside space that goes along with it. With that in mind, we took a look at some Montreal apartments currently available to rent with enviable balconies and views of the city.

Yes, Montreal real estate highs and rent increases are making it even more difficult to rent in the city. What a $1000 a month rent can get you differs from each neighbourhood. And apartments go fast, so if you see one you like, don't hesitate. 

Montreal is known for its crazy July 1 moving day, but many of these places are available now so you will still be able to watch the spring frost come and go.  But if you have a couple of million dollars hanging around, forget the apartment search altogether and just invest in the perfect spring and summer lakehouse

Keep reading for seven Montreal apartments with balconies and views so pretty, they will keep you outside all year round. 

1-Bedroom With Sweeping Downtown Views

Where: 3440, rue Durocher

Cost: $1365

View the full listing!

Park Views In Griffintown From This 1-Bedroom

Where: 1228, rue des Bassins

Cost: $1800

For more info!

Shared Rooftop Terrasse For Gorgeous Downtown One-Bedroom


Where: 1408, rue Saint-Marc

Cost: $1600

Learn more about this property!

Huge 2-Bedroom With Private Garden Oasis In The Plateau


Where: 4836, rue Fabre

Cost: $2800

Learn more!

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Fantastic Church View From 1-Bedroom Plateau Spot


Where: 55, Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine

Cost: $1425

More info!

Sunny 2-Bedroom With Glassed In Balcony In Saint-Léo


Where: 4720, rue Jean-Talon

Cost: $1650

Learn more about this property!

Brand New 1-Bedroom With Scenic Green Views from Monkland Village


Where: 5999, ave. Monkland

Cost: $1425

Find out more!

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