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7 Best Spots In Montreal To Get An Affogato

Affogadon't let summer pass without grabbing one!
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7 Best Spots In Montreal To Get An Affogato

Today is the perfect kind of day for an affogato. And if you don't know what that is, I'm so very excited to share this beautiful creation with you.

It's the best of two beautiful worlds: ice cream and espresso.

Just imagine a perfect little cup of vanilla ice cream that you then douse in a beautifully rich double shot of espresso. It's summer's best-kept secret! 

So on a day like today, when you still need an espresso but can't be dealing with any kind of heat, it's time to introduce some ice cream and get your affogato on!

Here are 7 places to go.

Leaves House 

Leaves House might not be the first place you think about when going to get an affogato, but this cute downtown plant-based café just released a dairy-free affogato that is simply delicious!

Where: 1800 Avenue McGill College (ground floor) || 2051 Rue de la Montagne

Check them out here!

Caffe San Simeon 

This café is straight out of Italy and their affogato is one of the best in the city! Incredible service and an adorable terrasse make Caffe San Simeon an experience you won't soon forget!

Where: 39 Rue Dante

Check them out here!

Cafe de' Mercanti 

Heading to N.D.G. (or the Old Port), you'll find Cafe de' Mercanti, an adorable spot that offers seemingly unlimited gelato options! Pick your favourite flavour and top it off with a dose of delicious espresso.

Where: 6128 Avenue Monkland || 350 Rue Notre-Dame E.

Check them out here!

Le Petit Dep 

The most adorable dep in Montreal is also a go-to spot for delicious coffee and ice cream! When combined, they're a match made in heaven. If you're feeling hungry, grab one of their doughnuts with soft-serve ice cream in the middle.

Where: 179 Rue Saint-Paul O.

Check them out here!

Noble Café

This tiny little coffee shop in the heart of the Plateau/Mile-End brews up not only some of the best coffee in the city — their affogatos are to die for. You should also try their cold brew float because why wouldn't you?

Where: 430 Avenue Laurier E.

Check them out here!


Arguably Montreal's most hipster coffee spot, Dispatch prides itself on brewing the best-sourced beans that they can find. Couple that with some ice cream and you're entering a taste experience like no other.

Where: 3 locations in Montreal!

Check them out here!

Café Olimpico

As the most bustling café on this list, Café Olimpico certainly lives up to its reputation. Their affogato is hands-down the best that I've personally had. Check them out at one of their two locations in Montreal.

Where: 124 Rue Saint Viateur O. || 419 Rue Saint Vincent

Check them out here!

Hope you get a chance to get try one of these places before summer is over!

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