7 Greek Restaurants To Order In Montreal If You’re Missing The Mediterranean
  • Right now, the one thing that is on every local's mind is which spot that offers Montreal delivery to order our next meal from.
  • Well, if you've been thinking about the Mediterranean and delicious Greek food, you'll find your answer in this list.
  • See where to order from when you're craving a gyro below!
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Throughout this unusual time that we are currently living in, it's hard to keep up with cooking three meals a day. Sometimes you just want to call in and order something savoury, like Greek cuisine. And, luckily for us, some of the city's most epic Greek eateries are offering Montreal delivery to help us continue practicing social distancing.

Sometimes I crave pizza or pasta, other times all I want is pho soup. But most of the time I crave that garlic and lemon taste that I have loved for my entire life, or in other words, some classic Greek food.

I'm so grateful for the restaurants that are still doing deliveries, and it's so important to help keep these local eateries in business.

As a Greek, I often crave gyros, lamb chops, and Greek salad. And now that I can't go to my parents or grandparents for that decadent authenticity, I'm going to have to settle for delivery, which really isn't so bad.

Whenever I'm in the mood to fill myself up with Greek delicacies, I turn to one of the awesome restaurants to quench my craving.


Zante is a high-end Greek restaurant that is known for its authentic dishes that will have you instantly dreaming of the Mediterranean.

From the mouth-watering appetizers to the incredible main courses, Zante is one of the best options for you when you are craving those incredible Greek flavours.


Village Grec

Village Grec cooks up some of the tastiest gyros in all of Montreal, and best of all, they deliver. The garlic sauce combined with the thinly cut meat wrapped in a pita bread is truly a treat for your taste buds that you should indulge in during this time.


Sparta Poulet Grillé

This eatery is known for its traditional Greek street food made with responsibly sourced and organic produce.

Not only does this establishment pride themselves on quality but the flavours that come out in each dish are worth trying out for yourself.



Arahova makes the best tzatziki in the city and that is enough for me to keep coming back time and time again.

The quality, portion size, and authenticity are all what makes it worth trying. And best of all, delivery is an option — so that you don't need to leave your home to enjoy the goodness of it all.



Marathon is without a doubt one of the most popular chain restaurants in Montreal. This Greek establishment created delicious dishes that are available on UberEats — lucky us!


Gyro Boutique

Gyro Boutique has some ultra-delicious dishes, especially for anyone craving that great Greek taste from the comfort of your home.

The eatery is now still open for take-out and delivery so that you can ensure your safety while digging into some pretty amazing flavours.



This establishment prides itself on its authenticity and quality and if you are craving classic Greek dishes you are going to want to check this spot out.

There are even some mouthwatering Greek desserts for you to indulge in. And, of course, they can be found on UberEats for delivery — how convenient?


Enjoy having your gyro delivered right to your door!