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7 Gorgeous Hidden Montreal Libraries That You Can Hibernate In Until Winter Is Over

Whether you're looking for a little peace of mind or a new study spot, we've got you covered!
7 Gorgeous Hidden Montreal Libraries That You Can Hibernate In Until Winter Is Over
  • Libraries in Montreal are in abundance, but this doesn't mean that the majority of them aren't always packed with people.
  • So, MTL Blog made a list of the perfect quiet places to study or spots to find a bit of peace of mind throughout the city.
  • Find out the best-hidden libraries around Montreal below.

Going to the library means something different for everyone. For some of us it means exams are right around the corner, for others it means it is time to browse some books and for people like me, it means finding a space to get work done. Libraries in Montreal are in abundance, but their popularity usually means they're packed with people. I, personally, seek out hidden, quiet library spots, where I know I can definitely get things done.

I am always looking for inspiring new spots that are quiet enough for me to work in and I have found that libraries are the best place for that. Lucky for me, I live in a city that is swimming in aesthetically pleasing libraries.

Throughout the year, there are a million reasons why going to a library is a good idea and one of the main ones is that throughout Montreal, the libraries are true works of art.

The following six locations will not only make studying easier but it will make that tired study selfies a lot nicer!

Next time you are looking for somewhere quiet or the next time you are rushing to meet a deadline, why not check out one of these picturesque locations?

Birks Reading Room

Where: 3520 Rue University

The lavish library is a great spot to catch up on some reading and get some work done. The intricate details surrounding these study chambers are nice enough to get you through those painful studying hours.

And, just on the other side of the hallway is the Chapel, which is just as beautiful! Make sure to check the spaces hours before going, since they change throughout the seasons.


Islamic Studies McGill

Where: 3485 Rue McTavish

The Islamic Studies Library at McGill is by far one of the city's best study spots and one of my go-to places when I want to get some work done. During school hours, you don't need to be a McGill student to visit, so take advantage!

The circular architecture, wood detailing and stained glass windows, along with the different tapestries around, make you feel as though you're studying somewhere in the Middle East.

Just remember, there's a no-talking policy... So, it's best to go alone.


Marc-Favreau Library

Where: 500 Blvd Rosemont

This library offers a clean and comfortable space with an old-world charm that you can’t help but fall in love with.

What I love most about this space is the reading room that is equipped with floor to ceiling windows, a wraparound staircase, and even a fireplace.

This picturesque library should be your next study space!


Mordecai Richler Library

Where: 5434 Ave Du Parc

From the moment you enter this library, you will instantly be amazed. The establishment was previously an Anglican church and the library still has the original wood and stained glass windows.

The library was renamed in honour of Mordecai Richler, the famous novelist who grew up in the area.

With its unique book collection, you're sure to find an interesting read during your visit here!


Notre Dame De Grâce Library

Where: 3755 Rue Botrel

Not only does this library offer you a quiet and clean place to get some work done, but it also has an art exhibit within the library!

This means that whenever you feel like you need a break from studying, you can go gaze at unique works of art. You can also spend time looking through the immense collection of books this library has!


Westmount Public Library

Where: 4574 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Located in Montreal's prestigious Westmount, this library is a go-to for many bookworms in the city.

Designed by Robert Findlay, this establishment is truly magnificent and for those of you who have never been, I highly recommend you check it out.

Whether you're looking to focus hard on your studying or just do a light read, the Westmount Public Library is the spot for you!


Atwater Library & Computer Center

Where: 1200 rue Atwater

This independent community library is one of the oldest subscription library services in the country. The privately operated business is a non-profit organization and registered charity.

Not only is this place one of the city's best-kept secrets, but its quaint interior makes for the perfect place to get some peace of mind!


Happy reading, Montreal!

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