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7 Italian Restaurants In Montreal To Order From When You Desperately Need Carbs

Carbs make everything better.
7 Italian Restaurants In Montreal To Order From When You Desperately Need Carbs

In times like this, we need to find comfort where we can. To some, comfort is found diving into books or Netflix shows, to others, it's focusing on working out from home. But for me, comfort is found in a big bowl of pasta or a giant pizza — whichever I can get my hands on. Knowing I can't be alone in loving this form of comfort, I made a list of Italian restaurants in Montreal that deliver.

This means you can have tasty, parmesan-filled dishes delivered straight to your door.

Cooking is fun and all, but sometimes you just want to sit back and have someone do the cooking for you. And, that is why I am so grateful for all the local eateries who have chosen to provide us with delivery during this time.

All of these restaurants are incredible. And while some offer their delivery service, all of them are available on UberEats, which makes it even easier to order right to your front door.

And, believe me, the dishes taste just as good as when you eat it in the restaurant.


Known for its fresh pasta dishes and wood-oven pizzas, Artigiani is without a doubt one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in the city.

And, best of all, during this isolation period, you can get their goods delivered right to your door via Uber Eats.


Osteria Gallo

This family-owned restaurant has become one of my go-to places whenever I'm craving Italian.

They make some of the most decadent and flavour-filled dishes in Montreal, and you can pig out on them from the comfort of your couch.

They even have Nutella pizza for dessert, which is beyond delicious.


Pizzaria Moretti

Pizzaria Moretti is a hot spot in Montreal. Unfortunately, we can no longer enjoy their food inside this fun establishment for the time being.

However, if you are jonesing for one of their mouth-watering dishes, you can order it straight to your door. What could be better?


Bacaro Pizzeria

If you are craving good old fashioned carbs during your isolation, then you can order some decadent dishes from Bacaro pizzeria. With so many options to pick from, I promise you won't be hungry after noshing on whatever it is you decide to order.


El Pastaman

El Pastaman has got your carb cravings covered. This online delivery and catering service has got every pasta you can think of, which is something many of us need right now.



From flavour-filled pasta to loaded pizza, Corneli has got all the carbs covered for when you need some comfort food during these scary times.

They even have amazing meatballs and calamari — in case you want to add a little something extra to your order.


Gastronomia Roberto

This cafe and deli is known for its changing menu and killer Italian dishes.

Best of all, this available for delivery on UberEats so you can enjoy the goodness of their food without having to leave your home.


Enjoy your tomato and basil-filled dishes, Montreal!

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