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7 Montreal Bakeries That Are Doing The Easter Bunny's Job & Delivering Treats To Your Home

Social distancing doesn't have to mean dessert distancing...
7 Montreal Bakeries That Are Doing The Easter Bunny's Job & Delivering Treats To Your Home
  • Easter weekend is approaching and certain Montreal bakeries are providing us with the gift of delivery.
  • So, this means you can indulge in all kinds of desserts while practicing social distancing.
  • See which bakeries around the city will deliver you Easter desserts below!

Easter has always been a special holiday for many of us. Not only does it signify the start of spring, but it's also a chocolate-infused day where baked goods are a must. Many bakeries in Montreal are creating adorable Easter-inspired desserts and going above and beyond to give you the option of picking them up or having them delivered to your home.

Although this year's Easter may be a little different than usual does not mean that celebrating is out of the window. The government is just asking that we celebrate from a distance (FaceTime parties). And luckily for us, delivery makes that possible!

Each of these bakeries is doing something special for this holiday and best of all, getting your goods will be done without having contact with anyone. 

Some are offering Easter baskets, others are providing full meals, and one special bakery is donating a meal to Moisson Montreal with every cake purchased.

Regardless of whether you're isolating with your family or if you're couped up in your apartment alone, you should always make the most of a long weekend.

And what better way to add some extra sweetness to a three-day weekend than with desserts? 

Boulangerie Andalos

Not only is Boulangerie Andalos baking up and delivering these adorable Bunny of Hope cakes for easter but they are doing so for a good cause. With every $30 cake sold, they will be donating a meal to @MoissonMontreal.

This delicious and festive strawberry vanilla cake will not only help in giving a meal to the needy but it will bring you that easter joy even if you're confined to your home.


Delices Lafrenaie

Delices Lafrenaie is known for its tasty and eye-catching cakes and right now it's still managing to make our Easter dreams come true.

Not only can you purchase an Easter inspired cake all for yourself, but depending on where you live, you can even have it delivered right to your front door!


Lafrenaie Montreal Ouest

Lafrenaie Montreal Ouest is delivering deserts straight to your front door, but you can also get an entire Easter dinner delivered.

The classic Italian dinner options combined with the beautiful and delicious Easter cakes will make this holiday one you will never forget.


Madame Dibou Les Gateaux

Madame Dibou Les Gateaux bakes some of the most intricate cakes and now thanks to UberEats you can order one of these masterpieces for Easter right to your door.

Just because your Easter celebration will be a little different this year doesn't mean that you still can't celebrate with something sweet to eat.


Dolci Piu

Dolci Piu is arguably one of the most popular bakeries in Montreal. They currently offer free pick up and delivery for all kinds of different desserts.

Add some sweetness into this confusing time by ordering some Easter delights from Dolci Piu.

And, if you're too lazy to cook, you can even put in a food order with some delicious Italian classics. Win-win!


Duc De Lorraine

This bakery is known for filling Montrealers up with some ultra-decadent desserts.

Duc De Lorraine will not only hit the spot, but the fact that they will deliver to your house thanks to UberEats will make Easter a little most festive.

It's making chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets for anyone looking to add even more festivities into the day.


Bar A Beurre

Bar A Beurre is a bakery located in Old Montreal and is best known for its cakes, baked goods, and sugary filled deserts.

The owners are giving an Instagram tutorial on how to make your own Easter bunny cake. And if you're not in the mood to do it yourself, they will deliver your goods right to your front door!


And hey, even if you don't celebrate Easter, why not use it as a reason to eat a whole cake to yourself?

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