7 Montreal Bakeries That Will Deliver A Little Bit Of Happiness To Your Door

And isn't that what we all need?
7 Montreal Bakeries That Will Deliver A Little Bit Of Happiness To Your Door

With many bakeries closing indefinitely, (we hope to see you soon, Cookie Stefanie), there are still some delicious, mouth-watering patisseries whose dining rooms may be closed but that have kept their kitchens open. That is much to our tastebuds' delight. Ordering a little dessert (while still staying safe) from one of these Montreal bakeries that deliver can help give that serotonin a much-needed boost.

Plus, with things like UberEats offering free delivery from local restaurants, and most all services offering contactless delivery, doing such is in line with the rules of social distancing.

Plus, it just tastes damn good. 

It doesn't matter if you're a red velvet cupcake fan or are craving a little '90s nostalgia, or even if you are more in the mood for a taste of France, these restaurants should satiate all your sugar cravings. Though probably, you'll just crave more. 

And while desserts will do nothing to improve your physical health, they can help improve your mood (that has to be a scientific fact).

This can be a time to spoil yourself while at home, or at least give yourself a treat now and then. Do something fun like tour a museum online or find something romantic to do

Mr. Cupcakes 

Where to order: Directly from the website

Not only are these cupcakes mouth-watering, but there are so many ways to customize them. Send someone you care about an "I love you" box, order up a dozen unicorn cakes, there are even red velvet "quit smoking" cakes.


Yum Flo — Bar à Desserts

Where to order: UberEats

This is a great spot when you want a little bit of everything. Try the Mix & Match option and stuff yourself full of cake, cookies, and candy. Whatever you want is up for grabs.


Madame Dibou les Gâteaux 

Where: UberEats

The cake designs are works of art, but one of the best creations from this bakery is the nostalgic '90s supermarket cake.


Léché Desserts

Where: UberEats

It's hard to believe donuts can be this good. These artisanal doughnut makers are a far cry from your local Tim Hortons.


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Macarons — Le Bilboquet

Where: Foodora, UberEats

Created by the guys over at Point G Boutique, these macarons are some of the prettiest and best tasting in the city.


Mr. Puffs 

Where: UberEats, SkipTheDishes, Foodora, DoorDash

Try some of these one-of-a-(Montreal)-kind traditional Greek donut holes served with the topping of your choice.


Desserts ETC

Where: UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, Foodora

Anything you order from here will make for happy tastebuds, but the red velvet or lemon-vanilla cupcakes are always a favourite.


Go forth, and eat!

And remember, now is a time for us all to practice social distancing, which is why staying inside and ordering pastries to your door is truly the best option for the time being.

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