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7 Montreal Podcasts That Make It Feel Like You’re Hanging Out With Friends

The perfect remedy for your boredom!
7 Montreal Podcasts That Make It Feel Like You’re Hanging Out With Friends
  • If you're missing getting to talk to new people in the city, now's the perfect time to check out some local Montreal podcasts.
  • All of the shows on this list make you feel like you're having a conversation with a new friend.
  • See what cool podcasts exist by Montrealers below!

Podcasts have become a huge sensation, especially over the past few years. As someone who has very recently discovered a love for them, I know that there are so many incredible and insightful shows to listen to that discuss a wide variety of topics. And, with all our extra downtime right now, it's the ideal time to discover some of the amazing Montreal podcasts that exist.

Regardless of if you're cooking or cleaning, podcasts are a perfect way to keep us entertained while we do other things.

There are so many incredible podcasts to discover, especially when it comes to local people to listen to.

You can listen to them on your phone, computers, or even tablets — so you basically have no excuse not to dive into one or two of them!

And, the ones included on this list help you discover new and local talents in both French and English. 

Listening to podcasts comes with so many benefits, like decreasing feelings of loneliness and adding some new life into your world. 

So, try it out for yourself with one of the cool podcasts on this list!

Twinfluence The Podcast

Language: English

The Hefter twins are born and raised in Montreal. Although one of them now lives in Toronto, the pair are still producing this podcast together.

Every episode gives listeners a little insight into their social media business and their journey as first-time moms.

They discuss a variety of topics including CBD products, work, and family life.


Répète Pas Ça 

Language: French

Guillaume Dulude and Alexandre Bisaillon are the hosts of this phenomenal podcast. This is one of those shows that touch on everything and nothing at the same time. Every episode is fun, entertaining, and a great way of spending your time.

You never know what you're going to get, but I can almost always assure you that you'll be left with a smile on your face.



Language: English

This podcast is one of the most empowering local shows you can listen to.

Hosted by two cancer survivors, @nalieagustin and @stephanie_seban, this podcast discusses healing and living your best life.

This powerful podcast is informative for anyone who has been touched by the disease, while also being full of empowering message for any individual choosing to listen.


FML Podcast

Language: English

This lifestyle podcast invites a slew of interesting Montreal locals to come speak about their lives and what they do.

Freddy Lloyd and Lito Brigante are phenomenal entertainers who don't shy away from the tough questions.

FML tackles what's going on in society and allows you to hear people's thoughts on current events, social media, and all sorts of other topics.

The podcast ended two years ago, but it's still available today. And with 79 episodes, there is plenty to enjoy.*


Sans Filtre Podcast 

Language: French

This podcast is hosted by Pascal-Hugo Cantin and Dominique Plante, and I must admit it's incredibly interesting.

This French-language podcast creates deep conversations with artists from all walks of life.

Not only is there something for everyone to enjoy, but you'll be able to learn and spend a few good hours diving into their stories.



Language: English

Each podcast episode focuses on a particular question, which Ambivalently Yours discusses with an individual they admire.

The podcast's descriptions read "in a world that teaches us that strength is loud, harsh and masculine, this is a place for those of us whose struggle is both impossibly large and rebelliously tiny."


Sous Écoute 

Language: French

Mike Ward is the host of this epic and hilarious podcast.

Ward invites different comedians on his show, which are all guaranteed to make you laugh.

There are a ton of episodes to check out, so you can make sure to keep the good times rolling.



Language: English

WATTBO stands for What A Time To Be Online and I must say, the name of the podcast is very fitting to the current state of the world.

This unconventional podcast touches on culture, photography, influencers, wellness, and more.

Hosted by Naskademi and Marcus Troy, the duo brings in cool guests weekly that allows listeners to not only learn new things but to dive into subjects they may have never thought about before.

The best part? It's a local show so by listening, you're supporting Montreal talent!


I hope you enjoy these locals podcasts!

*This article has been updated.

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