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7 Montreal Restaurants That Are Sure To Be Where Everyone's Dining This Week

So many options, so little time!
7 Montreal Restaurants That Are Sure To Be Where Everyone's Dining This Week
  • If you're wondering which Montreal restaurant to try this week, MTL Blog has got you covered.
  • We've made a list of seven of the hottest spots around the city where we're sure that people will be feasting during the upcoming days.
  • Check out our list below!

When it comes to looking for a place to eat in Montreal, the options are endless. As Montrealers, we are spoiled when it comes to food. No matter your preferences, no matter your budget, there's always a new spot for you to test out. Food is such a big part of our city and one of the things I love to do most is check out new spots that I have yet to pig out at. So, we've made a list of Montreal restaurants that are sure to satisfy the needs of any hungry local. 

Montreal is a foodie city, which means there is always a slew of options to pick from — so many that it can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we have chosen a few killer eateries that are certain to be where everyone will be dining this week. 

From truffle pasta and Thai street food to seafood and plant-based dishes, this week is a great time to go out and taste test one of the many amazing restaurants that live within our city. 

I must warn you — the photos and descriptions in this article may make your mouth water. 


Where: 420, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why: The truffle lover in you will be salivating over the Caccio Pepe, which is made with truffles.



Where: 420, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why: This chic environment serves small Spanish dishes, along with an abundance of wine to choose from. If you like seafood, this is the spot for you.



Where: 380, rue Villeray

Why: This cozy Italian eatery serves up mouthwatering homemade pasta in a welcoming setting. What more could you ask for?



Where: 8521, blvd. Saint Laurent

Why: To taste the vivacious combination of flavours of the South of France and of Italy. The menu may be small, but the taste is larger than life.



Where: 3580, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why: This plant-based restaurant serves up healthy dishes that ooze flavour. Happy and healthy is the motto and that is exactly what they do!


Mae Sri

Where: 224, rue Milton

Why: This stylish Thai eatery is known for its rice and noodle street food dishes. And the decor will make you think you're eating dinner in Thailand.


Pizzeria Moretti

Where: 1059, rue Wellington

Why: This fun-filled restaurant serves up wood oven-baked pizzas that will have your taste buds thanking you.


Happy dining, Montreal!

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