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7 Places To Eat In Montreal This Week

So many options, so little time!
7 Places To Eat In Montreal This Week

When it comes to eating well, our city knows how to make that happen. Every week, there are a slew of Montreal restaurants for you to try out and instead of scouring the internet looking for a spot, we at MTL Blog have come up with a list of spots for you to check out this week. 

The hardest part about picking somewhere to eat in a city as delicious as Montreal is narrowing down your options. That is why this weekly list is making all of our lives so much easier.

From snack bars with mouthwatering dishes to decadent Italian plates, everything you will crave can be found right here in our city. Not only will these eateries impress you and your taste buds, but the decor and dishes will impress your Instagram followers.

Instead of staying home this week, why not treat yourself, or someone you love to a meal that they will not soon forget?

Money is hard to make, and bills tend to pile up but we all need to remember how important it is to spoil yourself and those around you every now and again, so choose to start this week at one of these incredible eateries!


Where: 1041, ave. Van Horne

Why: This splendid bistro has affordable dishes and an extensive wine list that will keep you coming back for more.


Giulietta Pizzéria

Where: 5950, blvd. des Grandes-Prairies

Why: Mouthwatering Italian dishes that will satisfy all of your carb cravings.


Restaurant Tbsp.

Where: 901, rue du Square-Victoria

Why: To experience the culinary excellence and unique dishes that are all created by the talented Chef Joris Larigaldie.


Taverne Atlantic

Where: 6512, ave. du Parc

Why: This casual snack bar will not only make you feel at home, but the variety of foods will satisfy your every craving.



Where: 1440, rue de la Montagne

Why: If you are looking to spend a pretty penny over the week, treat yourself to an exquisite meal in a picturesque setting that is reminiscent of New York City.



Where: 6389, blvd. Saint-Laurent

Why: To experience the excellence of Chef Martin Juneau’s dishes in a casual setting with a vast wine list.


Maggie Oakes

Where: 426, Place Jacques-Cartier

Why: This sophisticated space serves seasonal dishes and dry-aged meats that are certain to impress even the pickiest of eaters.


Happy eating, Montreal!

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