7 Of The Best Tequila Spots In Montreal For When You Want A Shot Of The South

Tequila is for more than just a margarita now.
7 Of The Best Tequila Spots In Montreal For When You Want A Shot Of The South
  • If you've been searching high and low for the best Montreal tequila bars, MTL Blog has got you covered.
  • We know many people have a love-hate relationship with tequila, so we found the best spots to embrace that romance in the city below.
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Is there any other alcohol that can divide a group as quickly as the suggestion of a tequila-based drink? Many a drinking story has begun with, "I can't drink tequila anymore, this one time..." and usually ends in an assortment of questionable moral decisions. But tequila has seen a huge popularity spike in the last decade, moving away from university bar shots to a more delicate and refined alcohol. And some Montreal tequila bars are so well-stocked you could stay for weeks.

The decision to drink, or most likely slam, tequila usually come around at that time of night when the slurred phrase "shots all around!" should actually be, "thanks for tucking me in." 

But tequila choices are so much more than that now; the agave-based drink is also meant for sipping or to be used in fine cocktails. 

Both mezcal and tequila are often on the menu beside one another, which can be confusing. Though both agave-based liquors, tequila is mezcal, but mezcal is not tequila. Tequila is made from Weber or Blue agave while Mezcal can be made of different agave varieties. 

Hey, if you're a whiskey lover, you may want to try out a mezcal, which is usually smokier. 

Either way, whether you shoot it, sip it, or mix it; the next time you're in the mood for tequila, check out one of the best bars and restaurants in Montreal below. 


Where: 436, rue St. Francois Xavier

Learn more about this tequila and mezcal speakeasy!

Restaurant La Catrina 

Where: 119, rue de la Commune O.

Learn more about the drink menu featuring tequilas!

Le Tequila Bar

Where: 4401, rue Notre-Dame O.

Take a look at the full menu of the popular spot!

Mezcaleros Tapas & Cocktails

Where: 5834, ave. du Parc

Reserve a table at this cozy typical Mexican resto-bar!

Even if you're not a tequila fan, it's sure to keep you warm.

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