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7 Movies Filmed In Montreal That You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

To help pass the time!
7 Movies Filmed In Montreal That You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

During these times of uncertainty in Montreal, Netflix is our saving grace. Right now is the time to binge-watch movies, eat junk food, and wash our hands consistently. Our city has been the backdrop of many movies. Since the Home Alone rebootFatherhood and Clouds have not been released yet, I figured it was time to look up what other movies have been filmed in our amazing city.

All of the films on this list are quite different from one another, but they all have one thing in common — and that is having scenes filmed in the wonderful city of Montreal. Some of the films featured on this list even shot some scenes in other parts of Quebec. 

And, best of all, I am sure you didn't know that these movies were both filmed in Montreal and on Netflix! 

The Whole Nine Yards

This epic movie tells the story of a struggling dentist whose life is turned upside down when a gangster moves in next door to him. His wife then convinces him to inform a "mob boss" about the gangster's whereabouts, which is when the movie gets interesting.

The Whole Nine Yards has an elite cast including Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, and was filmed in Montreal. If you pay close attention, you'll be able to spot some Old Montreal locations.

Catch Me If You Can

In this 2002 film, Leonardo Di Caprio played the notorious con artist Frank Abagnale. Frank was a master at deception and scammed people out of millions of dollars and eventually began being pursued by FBI agent Carl Hanratty, played by the iconic Tom Hanks.

Montreal came in as the backdrop for France throughout the film. If you never noticed it before, watch it again and see if you can spot our city.

The Terminal 

Another movie with Tom Hanks, The Terminal was filmed at the Mirabel airport in Montreal. For those of you who never saw the film, it is about a man who gets stranded at an airport when war strikes throughout his country. Officials force him to stay at the airport until they can confirm his original identity.

I have always loved this movie, and I love it even more now knowing that parts of it were filmed in Montreal.

Taking Lives

Filmed in both Montreal and Quebec City, Taking Lives, which stars Angelina Jolie, is a must-watch. The movie tells the story of an FBI profiler who is responsible for hunting down a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims after killing them.

The movie will keep you on edge the entire time. And best of all you'll be able to spot a lot of familiar locations throughout the scenes.

Red 2

The plot of Red 2 may be set in Moscow, Paris, and Virginia, but the reality is that almost every scene was filmed right here in Montreal. The film's all-star cast includes Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Miren, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth is set in the year 3000, with humans suffering under the rule of Psychlos, a cruel race of aliens. One man, played by Barry Pepper, embarks on a journey to fight evil and end the atrocious reality they are facing in the film.

What many people don't know is that many scenes were filmed in Montreal and other Quebec locations, like Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Get Smart

Get Smart stars Anne Hathaway, Steve Carrell, Terry Crews, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. When watching this movie, pay close attention to the car breakout scene, as you may just recognize McGill University.

Montreal locals can spot out the Windsor Ballroom found on Peel. The movie also shot some scenes in Harrington, Quebec, which makes it even cooler to watch!

Enjoy your Netflix streaming, Montreal!

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