7 Reasons Why Montreal's Public Transit Is The Absolute Worst In The Winter

The STM doesn't offer the most pleasant experience in the winter.
7 Reasons Why Montreal's Public Transit Is The Absolute Worst In The Winter

Montreal's public transit isn't the best to begin with. Think about the constant delays, the closures of certain stations and stops, detours due to construction, and the massive foot traffic we all deal with during rush hours. 

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TL;DR Montreal has a reputation for having horrible winters. Even worse is trying to take public transit during the season. Below are 7 reasons why you're going to dread boarding a bus or subway this time of year.

You have to agree that winter really brings out the absolute worst of the public transit in the city. Think about it: everything has to run slower, the stations are coated in disgusting slush and melted snow, we all have to cram into a bus or subway with a bunch of other cold and grumpy people, the list goes on.

No, it's not something we're looking forward to. But with winter soon upon us and snow expected to hit the city this weekend, it's about time we start reminding ourselves how bad the STM really gets this time of year. 

1. Trying to get your OPUS card out in time while wearing gloves

We've all been here. Though it seems like a small issue, when you have to wrestle with your gloves multiple times a day just to tap your card and you're also the one holding up the line and annoying everyone behing you, it becomes a massive struggle.

2. The slush swamps on every public transit surface

It's in the station, on the bus, on the subway, literally EVERYWHERE. You're either stuck walking through this cold and slimy mess or almost slipping on it. Plus, think about the people who have to mop it up every single night.

3. Bus stops with no covered shelters

This one is definitely one of the worst. Seriously, it's the worst snow storm of the year and all you want to do is get home and enjoy some heating and a hot drink. Except first you have to stand at a bus stop for 20 minutes with no shelter at all. Hundreds of tiny ice shards constantly hit you in the face and get all of your clothes soaking wet. This alone can ruin someone's entire holiday spirit.

4. Waiting for a bus that ends up being delayed

So after you wait many minutes in the snow for your bus, it turns out that it's not actually coming at all. Yes, there's a schedule. But in the winter the buses seem to run on their own time, leaving you stranded in the freezing cold for who knows how long.

5. Everyone is always sick

You finally get on thecrowded bus or train, only to be bombarded by people coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and looking like they just crawled out of a grave. That's what winter does to you, but it's always terrifying trying to avoid all of the sick people on public transit in hopes that they don't get you sick, too. Illness is totally inevitable, though.

6. Being super sweaty the entire time thanks to the layers of clothing you have on

It's winter in Montreal, meaning you definitely have at least 5 layers on at any given time. This is great until you board a train or bus with everyone else that has at least 5 layers on. Then you're all stuck there smushed against each other sweating like it's the middle of the summer.

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7. The constant fear that your bus is going to lose control on the ice

Ever since the major back-to-back accident that involved an STM bus losing control on ice and sliding onto a busy road, we can all admit we're terrified of being on the next bus that becomes the victim of a similar event. Plus, just a regular bus ride in the middle of winter has you almost knocked off your feet at every turn.

There are definitely more reasons why the public transit in the city is awful in the winter, but hopefully this was an unwanted reminder of how much you hate the season that's now upon us.

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