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7 Places To Eat In Montreal This Week

Food and Montreal: the perfect combination.
7 Places To Eat In Montreal This Week

Eating is one activity that I never get bored of, especially in a city like ours. We are so lucky to have such a wide range of restaurants in Montreal within our little island, making it very easy to go out and grab some grub. Throughout the week, the following restaurants are sure to be the spots where locals are going to be dining.

Regardless of if you're dining alone, with friends or a significant other, it's nice to get out of the house and treat yourself to a good meal and a glass of wine — or two.

I love staying home and ordering takeout, but there's something to be said about getting all dolled up and going for a nice dinner in the big city. And, if you don't want to leave your house for yourself, do it for your Instagram followers instead!

From plant-based sushi to fancy french cuisine, our city truly has something to fight our every craving, which is why I suggest you put on your coat and go out there to experience these tastes for yourself.

Bloom Sushi

Where: 368, rue Saint-Paul O.

Why: Mouthwatering plant-based sushi that will satisfy your cravings without using any fish.


Le St-Urbain

Where: 96, rue Fleury O.

Why: Dine in an intimate setting and savour the french-inspired dishes created with seasonal and local ingredients.


Le Boulevardier Restaurant

Where: 2050, rue Mansfield

Why: Inspired from both café bistros and brasseries this eatery provides guests with fresh local dishes, with a specialty on seafood. And, they make some incredible cocktails.


Maquis Yasolo

Where: 3763, rue Notre-Dame O.

Why: This Afro-Quebecois establishment offers a unique blend of flavours in a comfortable and casual setting.


Le Mousso

Where: 1023, rue Ontario E.

Why: This high-end eatery offers à-la-carte creative dishes that are as appetizing to your eyes as they are to your taste buds.


Bouillon Bilk

Where: 1595, blvd. Saint-Laurent

Why: Not only will the mouthwatering french influenced dishes impress you but the modern and minimalistic space offers a chic and sophisticated allure tor the establishment.



Where: 1199, ave. Van Horne

Why: Unique and flavour-filled brunch dishes served in a cool and casual setting. This is a decadent meal that you will not soon forget.


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