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7 Hidden Ruins & Caves To Explore In Quebec That Will Unlock Your Inner Indiana Jones

To the ruins we go!
7 Hidden Ruins & Caves To Explore In Quebec That Will Unlock Your Inner Indiana Jones
  • People tend not to know about the amazing ruins and caves in Quebec, because they're, well, hidden.
  • So, MTL Blog is here to tell you where in our province has places to explore and let your inner Indiana Jones come out!
  • Find out some of the coolest ruins and caves to explore in Quebec below!

When you think of Indiana Jones and his many adventures, the last thing that comes to mind is where we currently live. But, to many people's surprise, there are tons of ruins and caves in Quebec, which are perfect for letting out your inner Indiana.

Quebec is a province that is full of unique experiences to be had and phenomenal sites to discover and these following locations are just a few of those spots.

Summer will be here sooner than we think and for those of you looking to add a bit of adventure into your life, this list is for you.

Some of these locations can be found right here in Montreal while others require a bit of a commute. Either way, you will be in awe with whichever you choose to explore.

I love doing activities that take me out of my comfort zone. Cave diving and exploring ruins or caves let me do exactly that. So, knowing that I can do these things all while in Quebec is getting me really excited for warmer weather.

Get a head start on your spring planning and check out one of these locations. This is your chance to have the Indiana Jones moment you've been dreaming about since you were a kid.

Cavern Saint Leonard

Where: 5200 blvd Lavoisier; Parc Pie-XII

From May to August, Indiana Jones wannabes can spelunk in an urban cave found right here in Montreal.

Located under Parc Pie-XII in Saint-Leonard, this unique experience will allow you to see Montreal like never before.

This is an epic excursion for anyone who isn't... claustrophobic.

Get more info!

Old Montreal Underground Cave

Where: 350 Place Royale; Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History

Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History has a pavilion that is located in the deep underground of the city.

This particular part of the museum can only be accessed through a tunnel that was built back in 1832.

Guests have to treck beneath Place d'Youville as they make their way to the old remains of the Ville-Marie Fort.

This is a great way of channelling your inner Indiana Jones without having to get your hands dirty.

Check it out!

Grotte de Boischatel

Where: 192 rue Des Grottes

This local treasure is located near the gorgeous Montmorency river and is the largest accessible cave in Quebec.

If you are looking to do something thrilling that will no doubt bring out that inner Indiana Jones in you, this is the spot.

This cave diving experience will give you the illusion of being in a foreign land, when in reality you will be right here, at home in Quebec!

Get all the details!

The Ruines Carbide Willson

Where: 639 Chemin du Lac Meech

These hauntingly beautiful grounds located in the Gatineau Hills overlooking Meech Lake.

The property was at one time the home to Leopold Wilson who was an inventor known for his lifelong interest in electricity. He is also known for his mission to develop a dynamoelectric lighting system while focusing on producing pure aluminum.

In 1867, the three-story residence became the world’s first phosphoric avid condensing plant. Sadly only the base of the acid condensation tower survived a horrendous fire that took place in Gatineau Park.

Today, the beautiful ruins are open to the public, giving everyone the chance to explore these phenomenal grounds.

Find outmore!

Le Trou Du Diable

Where: 682 Rue Notre Dame

Located a little over two hours from Montreal, this natural cave will allow visitors to explore new territories and get an introduction into spelunking.

The guided tour is incredibly informative and lasts about 90 minutes. On the tour, you'll find out exactly why it's called the "devil's hole."

Also, this happens to be the second-largest accessible cave in Quebec after the previously mentioned Grotte de Boischatel.

Check it out!

Lusk Cave 

Where: Trail 54, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham

Located less than three hours away from Montreal, exploring Lusk Cave is an experience like no other.

The thrilling adventure will take you deep inside caves, through natural streams and hidden pathways, which will ignite your inner explorer.

This a stimulating and wondrous experience that is sure to get each of your senses going.

Read about it here!

Trou De La Fee

Where: Chemin trou de la fée, 7e avenue, Desbiens

By far one of the coolest spots in the province, Trou de la Fee is one of those places you need to see to believe.

From the elevated footbridges and hiking trails to the Chinese garden and wild cliffs, this experience will bring out the Indiana Jones in everyone.

This is an excellent activity for any restless individual looking to spice things up this summer.

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Get out there and explore!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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