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7 Underrated Montreal Parks That Are Perfect Spring Picnic Spots

Who else is counting down the days until we can see the grass again?
7 Underrated Montreal Parks That Are Perfect Spring Picnic Spots
  • The second spring rolls around, we're sure to be seeing so many locals having picnics in the many parks in Montreal.
  • Since the well-known parks of Montreal can get packed at times, MTL Blog decided to make a list of underrated parks in the city that are worth being checked out.
  • See the list below!

Montreal is not lacking when it comes to beautiful parks. Throughout the city, we are blessed with some truly breathtaking spaces. During the months of winter, it's hard to convince yourself to take advantage of all this beauty around you, though. The cold, the snow and the ice all play a part in us wanting to stay home instead of going out. When the snow finally melts, that means it's time to get out and explore. And, one of my favourite things to do in the spring, is to enjoy a picnic in one of the many parks in Montreal.

We all know the classic picnic spots like Mount Royal, Park Lafontaine, Jarry Park, and Sir Wilfred Laurier Park. But, do you all know about the following hidden gems of parks throughout Montreal?

From small and quaint parks to big and beautiful spaces, each of these locations is ideal for a little picnic in the park action.

Now that winter is slowly coming to an end, you can start plotting your spring activities — and a picnic in one of the following parks is an absolute must. So that just leaves the question: where to?

Park Little Italy

Where: 6634, rue Clark

Located in Little Italy, this park is small but mighty. The stunning greenery combined with the park benches and picnic tables makes this a great place to spend some time come spring.

The best part about having a picnic at this park is that if you are too lazy to pack food then you can grab a picnic basket filled with decadent dishes from Dinette Triple Crown, located right across the street.


Connaught Park

Where: 1072, blvd. Laird

Located in the center of T.M.R Connaught Park is by far one of my favourite parks in all of Montreal. From the elaborate gardens to the well-maintained tennis courts and playground, Connaught Park oozes both charm and romance.

Once the snow melts, this breathtaking park is an ideal place for a picnic, especially since there is an ice cream shop across the street!

Westmount Park

Where: 329, 327, ave. Melville

This public park in Westmount has always reminded me a little of Central Park East. It may not be as big and lavish as the iconic New York park but the trees combined with the buildings surrounding it truly brings me back to my time spent in Manhattan.

Regardless of if you are alone or with a big group of friends, Westmount Park is a great spot for a springtime picnic.

An added bonus is the fact that you're likely to see many cute pups walking around also.


Saint-Louis Square

Where: rue St-Denis

Located in the Plateau, Saint-Louis Square exudes a ton of character and charm. From the majestic trees to the impressive fountain, this square resembles a fairy tale paradise.

So, come spring when you start looking for picnic spots, make sure to add this to your list.


Outremont Park

Where: Cross-section of rue St. Viateur & ave. Outremont

This tree-filled park is truly magnificent, especially in the spring. The large pond and fountain in combination with the walking path and playground truly make this location one of a kind.

Throughout the spring, Outremont Park is full of shaded spots that make for a great picnic location.


Pratt Park

Where: 795, ave. Dunlop

Pratt Park has a certain old-world charm that I can't help but love. The captivating trees and charming paths are what make this park great for a picnic.

The beauty of Pratt Park is not something you can easily forget. If you have yet to check it out, 2020 is the year to do so.


Angrignon Park

Where: 3400, blvd. Trinitaires

There's no denying that there is something incredibly special about this park. Situated on 97 hectares of land, the impressive size is not the only reason why it's an ideal spot for a picnic.

From the majestic trees to the captivating views, Angrinion park will give you the illusion of entering a different era completely. Inspired by 19th-century English gardens, this park is truly magical.


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