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8 Books By Quebec Authors To Get Lost In During Your Quarantine

Some even have plots set in Montreal!
8 Books By Quebec Authors To Get Lost In During Your Quarantine

Throughout this time of social distancing, there are only so many things you can do to stay busy. Many people are turning to Netflix to binge-watch movies, while but others are diving into a good book. On this note, I'm here to tell you that there are so many amazing books written by Quebec authors and if you have yet to read them, now is the ideal time to do just that. 

Personally, I've been spending my time doing one of the many at-home workouts being given by Montreal trainers, cleaning every drawer in my house, and testing some of the latest products sold at the SQDC. And of course, indulging in some literature.

Reading is very therapeutic. For those of you having a little anxiety during this confusing time in history, books can be a great way of escaping reality and diving into a world that is so far from what is currently happening in the world.

All of the books on this list are known to be page-turners. And best of all, they are all written by Quebec locals, which makes me love each of them even more.

Some of the books have plots set right here in Montreal.

One thing is for sure — all of them will leave you turning page after page, in awe with their captivating storylines.

Mad Shadows 

Author: Marie-Claire Blais

Genre: Fiction

This novel explores the psychology and dynamics of a single-family. Each character adds their own zest to the novel making it the classic that it is today.

Lullabies For Little Criminals

Author: Heather O'Neill

Genre: Literary Fiction

This is by far one of my favourite books ever. Lullabies For Little Criminals is set right here in Montreal and tells an emotional tale about a 12-year-old named Baby as she is forced to grow up in the dark side of our city.

Her mother passed when she was young and her father struggles with drugs, which forces her to give up her innocence at a young age.

The Return 

Author: Dany Laferrière

Genre: Literary fiction, Autobiographical novel

This book tells the story of a 23-year-old from Port-au-Prince who packs his bags to head to Montreal during the harsh and never-ending winter.

The Favourite Game

Author: Leonard Cohen

Genre: Fiction

Leonard Cohen will be remembered for many things including this unforgettable novel. The Favourite Game was Cohen's first novel.

It tells the story of a young Jewish boy living in Montreal. This coming of age story follows his relationship with his family and depicts the sacrifices that come with love.

October 1970 

Author: Louis Hamelin

Genre: Fiction

This phenomenal novel tells a fictional story of the October crisis. Filled with conspiracy theories and mystery, this book is a true page-turner.


Author: Nelly Arcan

Genre: Fiction

This daring novel is about self-examination and confession as it explores the tortured end of a passionate love affair that was doomed from the start.

Bottle Rocket Hearts 

Author: Zoe Whittall

Genre: Literary Fiction

This novel tells the story of a 19-year-old girl named Eve, who is living her rebellion in Montreal during the '90s.

This coming of age story has a ton of dramatic twists and turns throughout the novel and is one that is promised to keep you wanting more.

The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant 

Author: Michel Tremblay

Genre: Literary Fiction

This book was originally written in French but was translated in English in 1981. It tells the story of working-class families and two prostitutes.

The novel takes place in Montreal's Plateau.

Many of the female characters are pregnant throughout the novel, but only of them got pregnant by someone shes loved, which is just the start of the scandal that you can read about.


Author: Nicolas Dickner

Genre: Fiction

Set in 1989, this page-turner follows the separate lives of three young people who all end up in our city of Montreal. Each of them is on a journey of self-discovery as they experience heartbreak, family drama, and so much more.

Happy reading!

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