8 Colourful Montreal Spots That Make You Feel Like You're Lounging In An Easter Egg
  • MTL Blog sought out some of the cutest Montreal spots, and we're here to share our findings with you.
  • If you've been wondering where to go for your next Instagram photoshoot, we've got you covered.
  • See the list of pretty places below!

With Easter just around the corner, what is there to do for adults for the Easter long weekend? The good news is that if you love all things pastel-hued, cutesy, rabbit-shaped, or brightly coloured and over the top, you don't have to wait until April to partake. If spring picnics and picking tulips or frolicking in a lavender field seem too far away, Montreal has tons of spots that are reminiscent of that time of year — and they're open all year long.

While these spots may conjure up old feelings of decorating eggs when you were a child, these eateries aren't just for the young. And they aren't just for enviable Instagram photo ops, but they are worth the visit just for that. 

Though they are all exceptionally pretty places (who doesn't want to dine beneath a cherry blossom tree) that rely heavily on pastels, whites, spring flowers, and pink on top of pink, they also serve up some of the best cakes, coffees, and drinks in the city. 

If you feel you need some spring in your life and can't wait another month, check out one of these seven beautiful, water-coloured restaurants and cafes — and pretend you're already there. 

Pastel Rita

Where: 5761, blvd. St-Laurent

Check out this Mile End cafe!

La Dependance

Where: 4282, rue St-Denis

Dive into this unique and beautiful collab space!

Le Blossom 

Where: 1101, blvd. de Maisonneuve E.

Enjoy a drink under a blossom tree!

Kamé Snack-Bar

Where: Two locations

Learn about one of Montreal's only Hawaiian (and all pink) snack bars!

Café Parvis

Where: 433, rue Mayor

Learn more about this enchanting cafe!

Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

Where: Two locations

Take a look at this all gluten, allergen, and lactose-free bakery!

Cocoa Locale 

Where: 4807, ave. du Parc

Check out this take-out bakery!


Where: Multiple locations

Learn more about this gorgeous, vegan restaurant!

I hope you get some stellar Insta content, my fellow Montrealers.

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