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8 Montrealers Who Are Offering Free Online Workout Classes Right Now

The perfect way to keep your body and mind happy!
8 Montrealers Who Are Offering Free Online Workout Classes Right Now

While our city is in quarantine mode, many of us are starting to feel like our physical strength and mental health are going to dwindle with our lack of exercise. Working out is something that is important both physically and mentally. And if you've been starting to feel that deprivation, have no fear, because MTL blog is here. Living in a world that is motivated by social media, it's nice to see that some Montreal trainers are using their platforms and showing their compassion by giving free online workout classes.

Many trainers and gyms throughout Montreal are offering incredible virtual services and regardless of what you look for in a workout, this list has got you covered. Not only can you do a yoga class from your living room, but spin classes and barre courses are also being taught virtually.

Even if you don't work out regularly, now is a great time to begin doing so. It's so important to keep your body moving during a time like this.

I am personally someone who enjoys working out, more so for my mental health than for my physical appearance, though. I can tell you from experience, the following classes will truly make you feel good about yourself and have your mind, body, and soul feeling fresh.

The Alouette Cheerleaders

The Alouette cheerleaders are not only beautiful but these ladies know how to get a good workout in. Luckily for us, they are giving free virtual workouts during this period.

This is an especially good option for anyone who does not have much workout equipment at home. This is a fun and lively way of getting our community together while also being a healthy and positive thing for us to do. Win-win!


Jon Chaimberg & Maddy Jovani From APC Gym

APC is one of the most sought out gyms in all of Montreal and during this time of self-quarantine, the owner Jon and his fellow trainer and girlfriend Maddy have been going to Instagram every morning to provide their followers with some killer workouts.

If you need to break a sweat, this virtual training session may be exactly what you need.


Lauren Kaplan From Le Spin

If you have access to a stationary bike, I highly suggest you check out one of the amazing virtual spin classes being offered by Lauren Kaplan.

Her contagious energy and positive vibes will soak out of the screen and into your home. And, you'll be able to get that much-needed workout in.


Val Desjardins From Victoria Park

Val Desjardins, better known as PUMP Fitness is one of the best trainers in Montreal. Luckily for social media, this kick-ass trainer has been going live with her classes in order to keep everyone in shape and sane.

Her classes vary depending on the day — so make sure you check her out on Instagram to see when the next virtual training session is taking place.


Various Classes With Modo Yoga

If you have never done yoga, now may be the ideal time to try it. Modo Yoga is known to be one of the more popular yoga studios in Montreal.

With a variety of virtual classes being offered daily, this is the time for you to focus on your health, your breathing, and of course, your sanity.


Gabi Garbarino From Gabi's Fitness

This Montrealer may have moved to Toronto but her virtual free workouts are so good that I had to include her on the list. You may recognize her last name, as she is the sister of Montreal influencer KGMTL.

Gabi is using her talent to help keep her social media community active throughout this isolation period. Not only will her workouts make you sweat at the moment, but you'll be feeling them the next day!

If you don't believe me, try one out for yourself.


Stacy Lelinowski From DBS Fitness, APC Gym & Cadence Cycle

If you don't have much space or a lot of equipment, Stacy's virtual barre classes may be exactly what you need during this isolation period.

If you're looking to try something new during this time or if you just need a good workout to get your mind and body moving, her classes will do exactly that for you.


The Team At Report Fitness

The trainers at Report Fitness are working hard on creating amazing virtual classes that are guaranteed to have you sweating more than you could ever imagine.

They have been posting the times and days on their Instagram story so if you need that extra motivation, why not check them out?


More information on hygiene practices during the pandemic is available on the Government of Canada's website here.

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