8 Happy Activities To Do This Blue Monday That Are Sure To Put A Smile Back On Your Face

It doesn't have to be the saddest day of the year.
8 Happy Activities To Do This Blue Monday That Are Sure To Put A Smile Back On Your Face

Montreal winters have a dreary habit of never-ending. And for many of us, with Montreal winters come the inevitable winter blues. Between the relentless cold, rain, snow, ice, short and dark days, and lack of social interaction, it can be difficult to drum up any cheer. The next eight weeks are usually tough ones to be in the city. But hallelujah, there many things to do in Montreal that will hopefully bring a little dopamine and serotonin boost to your day.  

The good news is, they are all indoors. Yes, the old adage of "getting some fresh air" is probably true. And there are a ton of fresh-faced, winter activities you can take part in but for those of us who think just getting to the metro is enough outdoorsy, cold air fun, then the following list is for you. 

If you're in need of some cozy, some weird or just need to change your scenery for a few hours, check out the list below.  

From getting some outdoor tropical feels (but thankfully, all from inside) to testing out whether laughter is really the best medicine, these 8 places around Montreal are sure to help make this winter a little less bleak.  

Enjoy A Touch Of The Tropics At The Botanical Garden Greenhouses

Where: 4101 rue Sherbrooke E.

What: January 6 to April 30;

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Cost: Access to the outdoor gardens and a guided tour of the greenhouses:

Quebec Resident: $16.25

Non Resident: $21

For more info!

Sip A Coffee Or Organic Wine At This All Pink Cafe 

Where: 5761 blvd Saint Laurent

Cost: Coffees start at $3

Check out the full menu!

Have A Good Laugh At The Comedy Nest 

Where: 2313 rue Sainte-Catherine 3rd Floor

Cost: Depends on the night, tickets can start as low as $5

See the full line-up!

Play All Your Favorite Board Games At The Cozy Randolph Pub 

Where: 2041 Saint-Denis

Cost: $7 to enter

Take a look at all the games!

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Indulge In Art Therapy Paint Nights (With Drinks!)

Where: Locations around Montreal

When: Check out the website for dates

Cost: $40

To find out the full listing of dates, visit the website!

Enjoy A Proper Tea Serving At Old-Timey Cardinal Salon 

Where: 5326 blvd Saint Laurent

Cost: Starting at $45 for a tea service for two

Click to see the full menu!

Get Weird And Learn How To Be A Mermaid For A Day 

Where: 3799A rue Queen Mary

Cost: $60 an hour

Sign up for a class here!

Soothe The Savage Beast With Free Concerts Every Sunday At St Joseph's Oratory 

Where: 3800 Chemin Queen-Mary, L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

When: January 12 to March 22

Every Sunday at 3:30 p.m

Cost: Free

Check out the full concert program here!

Have a surefire way to beat the winter blues? I think we all need to hear it right about now.

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