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8 Indian Restaurants In Montreal So Hot You'll Think It's Summer

Some of these restaurants will change your views on Indian cuisine.

If you can't get enough of Indian cuisine, you're not alone. According to Chef's Pencil, a website devoted to chef recipes, it's in the top five of the most Googled cuisines in all of Quebec. The website took a look at the top 10 most popular ethnic cuisines in Canada and Indian scored fourth highest in both the country and our very own province. With this list in mind, we've been taking a look at some of the best restaurants in Montreal based on cuisine popularity. Chinese food stole the overall number one spot, followed by Italian, Thai, Indian, and lastly Mexican. Now, we're taking a look at just some of the amazing Indian restaurants in Montreal.

The rankings were also based on things like Google searches for those with enough gusto and talent to cook at home. But if you prefer to have your food created by a professional and served to you by another professional, we took a look at some of the best Indian restaurants in the city. 

There are the usual cornerstones of Montreal Indian cuisine (though we left out Pushap's — go, immediately if you haven't)  and there are a few that are quietly changing the game. 

All of the traditional meals you have grown to love are still there. But there are also restaurants focusing on modern takes on the classics served alongside high-end cocktails in funky settings.

Check out the list below for eight Indian restaurants currently serving up the best (and sometimes most inexpensive) cuisine. 

India Rosa

Where: 1241, ave. du Mont-Royal E.

Take a look at the cocktails and Valentine's weekend specials!

Guru Bistro

Where: 3464, rue St-Denis

Learn more about the Northern Indian fusion menu!

Maison Indian Curry

Where: 996, rue Jean-Talon O.

For when you want great, inexpensive meals!


Where: 2027, blvd. St-Laurent

For when you want upscale Indian dining!

Le Taj

Where: 2077, rue Stanley

Check out the full menu of this Montreal mainstay!


Where: 3459, rue Notre-Dame O.

Try out this modern tapas-style take on Indian!

Le Super Qualité

Where: Two locations

30, rue Sainte-Catherine O.

121, rue Bélanger

Try out the Indian style burger!

Enjoy some of the best Montreal has to offer.