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8 Montreal Cafés Where You Can Pretend You're In Paris Without The Airfare

More croissants S.V.P!
8 Montreal Cafés Where You Can Pretend You're In Paris Without The Airfare
  • If you're looking for things to do in Montreal during the winter but seem to be slowly running out of ideas, why not take a fake trip to Paris for an hour or two?
  • To make this fake trip of yours as easy as possible, MTL Blog made a list of cafés in Montreal that make you feel like you're in Paris.
  • Find out which Montreal cafés take you on a little trip to Paris whenever you enter their doors below!

One of the aspects of our city that stands out most is the array of multiculturalism that surrounds us everywhere we go. Although I believe Montreal to be a unique city, with its independent charm, I still find there to be little slices of other cities that can be found throughout the city, especially if we're talking about French influence. That being said, there are many cafés in Montreal that make you feel like you've flown to Paris when you walk into them.

Paris is one of the most romantic and charismatic places in the world, without a doubt. One of the things that stand out the most in their city is the famous cafés that can be found on every street corner.

Coffee, croissants, and cigarettes are part of the Parisian lifestyle and some Montreal cafés have been able to recreate that charm - without the cigarettes, thankfully! 

If travelling to Paris is out of reach at the moment, you can still have your very own Parisian experience right here in Montreal. Also, there is a very high chance that you'll be served in French, which definitely helps sell the false reality.

From the decors, the menus and all-around ambiences, these nine local establishments have a little piece of Paris found right inside of them.

Café Parvis

Where: 433 Rue Mayor

This casual café seeps Parisian charm. From the ambience and decor to the homemade delicacies and incredibly coffee, Café Parvis is always a good idea.

And, they even serve wine, which is very French!

Duc De Lorraine

Where: 5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

This longstanding establishment is known for its Parisian-style pasties, authentic coffee and a sidewalk patio, similar to what you would find in the city of love.

Every time I walk into Duc De Lorraine, the smells, look and taste truly make me feel as though I am in Paris.

And, to top it off, you will get a view of the majestic St-Joseph's Oratory, which is a hard site to beat!

La Croissanterie Figaro

Where: 5200 Rue Hutchison

This vibrant and cozy café has an inspiring art-deco interior that reminds me of those cool and trendy coffee houses in Paris.

Not only is the coffee awesome but the homemade croissants and brunch menu items are what will keep you coming back for more fake trips to Paris every week.

Crew Collective & Café

Where: 360 Rue Saint Jacques

Crew Collective & Café is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. The cathedral-style space was designed as a workspace for students and freelancers but it has become a hot spot in our city.

Not only is this stunning location incredibly photogenic, but the pastries and strong coffee truly give guests the illusion of having lunch in Paris.

Chez l’Éditeur

Where: 7240 Rue St Hubert

This clean and modern café is decorated in books and magazines is reminiscent of art inspired cafés in Paris.

If you have yet to enter this literary haven, I highly suggest you do so - maybe top off your fake Parisian trip by bringing one of Guillaume Musso's novels with you!

Pikolo Espresso Bar

Where: 3418b Ave Du Parc

From the eye-catching décor and breath-taking windows to the latte art and homemade goodies, everything about this establishment screams Paris.

Pikolo’s retro-industrial feel, combined with its warmth makes this a go-to for any Parisian looking to feel at home in our city.

café Pista

Where: 500 Rue Beaubien Est

One thing I love about Paris is the antique feel to some of their establishments and Café Pista exudes that exact chic, vintage vibe that I adore.

The large windows, the black, grey and white tiled floors and the green accents give this cozy spot a true French flair.

Café Cherrier

Where: 3635 Rue St-Denis

Café Cherrier is a charming and authentic French bistro, that is perfect for a coffee date.

Not only does this establishment serve great drinks and food but it has an ivy-trimmed terrace in the summer that will give anyone the illusion that they are sipping coffee in Paris.

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