8 Montreal Ice Cream Shops That Will Deliver Deliciousness To Your Door

Perfect for your cheat day.
8 Montreal Ice Cream Shops That Will Deliver Deliciousness To Your Door

Summer went from 0 to 100 real quick this year. And if you're anything like me, you went from being a frozen popsicle to craving a frozen popsicle in the space of about a week. This means it's now time to indulge in Montreal's many ice cream shops, and lucky for us locals, the ones on this list deliver!

Let's be real, nothing beats a cold ice cream cone or popsicle on a warm summer's day. It will be absolutely beautiful this weekend, so you're going to want to make the most of the warm, sunny, days.

Although much has changed this year, ice cream stores are opening right on time this year. Some things continue to live on, and I must say that I'm grateful for this one.

From classic faves to novelty shops, there's quite an assortment of frozen treat stores to choose from that will deliver right to your doorstep.

If you're lucky enough to have a little balcony or a backyard of some sort, you can enjoy some quality ice cream while enjoying the nice weather from the comfort of your home.

So order your own little taste of summer, and enjoy a sweet treat without leaving the house.

Dalla Rose

Where: 4609, rue Notre-Dame O.

What: Crèmerie Dalla Rose is an Instagram favourite, with good reason. Its beautiful swirls of creamy, decadent ice cream really hit the spot on a warm summer's day. There's even have vegan options.


Chocolats Favoris

Where: Locations throughout the city and the North and South Shores.

What: ChocoFav is the perfect spot for those with a sweet tooth and I mean a REALLY sweet tooth. You can order one of their "kooky ice cream" pints, which have ice cream topped with various chocolates, nuts, and syrups.


La Diperie

Where: Locations throughout Montreal and the North and South Shores.

What: La Diperie is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Montreal, partially thanks to its iconic blue wall. However, I can promise that their soft ice cream dipped in the chocolate of your choice tastes just as good from home.


Dairy Queen

Where: Locations throughout Montreal and the North and South Shores

What: If you don't have a Blizzard at least one in the summer, did you have a summer at all? Dairy Queen's delivery menu goes way beyond that, too. From ice cream pizzas to cakes, you can have it all.


Cacao 70

Where: Locations throughout Montreal

What: Cacao 70 is the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth. My personal favourites are the sundaes and decadent brownies topped with ice cream and whipped cream. Yum.



Where: 474, rue Victoria, Saint-Lambert

What: This decadent joint in the South Shore offers ice cream year-round, as well as ice cream cakes, cupcakes and other treats sure to satisfy your cravings. You can order dessert for delivery on their website.


Mr. Puffs

Where: Locations throughout Montreal

What: Mr. Puffs is best known for its delicious puff pastries, but it also offers a great selection of milkshakes and soft ice cream, too. Check out the website for more details on how to order.



Where: 5, rue Sainte-Catherine E.

What: If frozen yogurt is more your thing, I'm going to do my best not to judge you. Yeh. has a variety of frozen yogurt toppings and flavours to choose from.


With all of these options, you'll never have to go without ice cream this summer.

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