8 Montreal Jobs Where You Can Get Paid To Test Video Games & Apps

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8 Montreal Video Game Jobs Where You Can Get Paid To Test Games & Apps

If you've always wanted to escape reality, Montreal is the best place to do it. The city is an international hub for animation, software development, and game design — and the industry doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Companies continue to expand in the city, sometimes opening up hundreds of positions. So if you've always wanted a video game job, now is the time to begin your search.

Among the most coveted of these positions is that of the tester, who is often tasked with playing games under development to identify bugs and critique the user experience.

There are dozens of open game testing jobs and gigs across Quebec, from Montreal to Drummondville, to Quebec City.

Below, we outline just eight positions for which companies are accepting applications.

These jobs represent a wide variety of tasks and both permanent and contract work.

This list focuses on jobs and gigs that work in English and/or French. But there is also a good handful of employment opportunities online for people who are proficient in foreign languages like Korean, Spanish, and German.

Good luck, applicants!

Bilingual Game Tester

Pay: $17–$19/hour

In this role, you'll "execute plans and procedures for testing games and protocols" as well as "validate correction returns to ensure compliance with quality standards."

Apply here.

Video Game Tester At GlobalStep Technologies

Pay: Not specified.

Here, according to the posting, you'll "perform tests by browsing video games to detect bugs and report them." In addition, you'll "evaluate the overall functioning of the game, as well as the quality of graphics, audio, special effects, throughout the game."

Apply here.

Video Game Tester At Keywords Studios

Pay: $13–$15.50/hour

This position has a vague but exciting description: "a great tester knows how to have fun while working in a young, fast-paced environment, and still remaining professional!"

Apply here.

Quality Assurance Tester At Budge Studios

Pay: Not specified.

Budge is looking for people who are "awesome with a capital 'A'" to "navigate" a game "to detect bugs, functional and visual anomalies, and be able to reproduce and describe them in our bug reporting tool."

According to its website, Budge Studios specializes in games and apps for children.

Apply here.

Video Game Language Tester

Pay: $15/hour

Altagram Canada is looking for a number of people with different language backgrounds to "[proofread] and [test] in-game and video game-related content."

Applicants need to make their language proficiencies clear in their cover letter.

Apply here.

Gameplay Tester At Larian Studios

Pay: Not specified

Have a "passion for video games?" Apply to help improve the games under production at Larian Studios, reporting bugs and "[testing] new builds to ensure the stability of the tools."

Apply here.

Video Games Playtest Participant

Pay: $50-$180, depending on the length of the session

Interested applicants need to sign up to Player Research Montreal's database "to get regular invites to our playtests via email."

"If you’re selected, you’ll attend our Montreal labs at the session time you are selected for, play an unreleased game and give us your feedback."

Note, however, that this position does not represent employment with the company.

Apply here.

Quality Assurance Tester

Pay: Not specified

Applicants need only a high school diploma (though a college degree is an asset). Potential assigned tasks include "play-through, gameplay evaluation," and "competitive analysis."

Apply here.

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