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8 Quebec Artists To Discover Whenever You Need A Little Art Therapy

Our province is blessed with so much talent.
8 Quebec Artists To Discover Whenever You Need A Little Art Therapy
  • Now is the perfect time to connect a little deeper to the province by discovering various Quebec artists and their artworks.
  • The artists on this list express themselves in unique and colourful manners — letting their work do the talking for them.
  • Get familiar with some of the province's artists below!

Montreal is a city that is not lacking in many things, especially when it comes to talent. Throughout both our city and our province, we're fortunate enough to live amongst some pretty incredible artists. From street artists to painters, there is an enormous amount of talent living inside Quebec's borders. Since we all have a little extra time on our hands right now, why not check out and familiarize ourselves with the works of various Quebec artists?

Now is a great time to start looking at artists whose work inspires you. And, who knows, while you're redecorating your apartment, maybe you'll end up wanting to hang up one of their pieces on your walls. 

Some artists on the list are very well known in the Quebec art world, while others are slowly making their way to the top.

Either way, each individual included exudes immense artistic talent. And, we are proud to say that many of their pieces can be found throughout our province.

Art is a way of expression and different pieces move different people, which is what is so incredible about the craft.

Check out eight of our favourite Quebec artists below!

Garo Hakimian

Garo Hakimian is a self-taught artist from Montreal. His intricate paintings combined with his vivid imagination allow his followers to go on a journey through each of his paintings.

Each of his paintings tells a story and holds enough depth in it to have the power to move individuals and make them feel things like never before.

If you have yet to check out his work, I suggest you do so — you won't be disappointed.

Check him out!

Stikki Peaches

If you pay attention to the street art throughout our city, there is a big chance that you have stumbled upon the work of Stikki Peaches.

His unique approach to his work has earned him a lot of credibilities, not only in Quebec but around the globe. And he is far from reaching his peak.

Stikki Peaches is a great talent and Montreal is blessed with many works of his art.

Find out more about Stikki Peaches!

Miss Me

Miss Me is not only an artist, she is an activist and feminist as well as being one of the most recognized artists in not only our province but in all of North America.

Her works of art are beautiful and command attention from anyone who lays eyes on them. Through her work, you can get to know her as a person, her beliefs, her struggles, and her passion.

Miss Me is truly one of a kind, and it brings great pride knowing she is from Montreal.

Explore Miss Me's artworks here!

Antoine Tava

Antoine Tava is an artist known for his murals, paintings, and illustrations. His vivacious use of colour combined with his passion for pop culture creates magic on whatever canvas he works on.

Tava is incredibly talented and his work has made waves throughout the art scene, not only in Montreal but around the continent of North America. And, luckily for us, we can find his beautiful work throughout the city, which is truly a treat for all of Montreal.

Discover Tava's works here!

Rock Therrien

Therrien is a self-taught artist who is known for both his sense of humour and ability to push artistic limits. His use of vibrant colours make his artworks come alive with vivacity and allow you to get completely lost in each one of his pieces.

His talent seeps through into each piece he creates, and it is with pride to say he is from Quebec.

See his works here!

Sandra Chevrier

Chevrier is a talented artist known for her collaged portraits of women from her captivating The Cages series.

She studied visual and media arts at UQAM and has since taken the art world by storm. Her powerful vision seeps into her work and there's no denying that she is one of the great Quebec artists of our generation — at least if you ask me.

Check Chevrier out!

Maxilie Martel

Born in Montreal, Maxilie Martel's work can be seen all over our city walls. Her unique vision and use of colour is something that has captivated both locals and tourists.

Martel is a graduate from UQAM where she studied media and visual arts which lead her to perfect her techniques and approach allowing her to get to where she is today.

Discover Maxilie Martel here!

Pamela Andonian

Pamela Andonian happens to be the youngest artist on the list but she is definitely a talent to keep your eye on. Her unique perception of the world around her is seen through her work. The colourful pieces all tell a story that is truly captivating to anyone looking at them.

Andonian has a bright future in the art world and those who have yet to hear her name should consider checking her out ASAP.

Check out her Instagram!

May art help soothe your soul during this time of uncertainty, Montreal.

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