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8 Cabanes À Sucre Near Montreal To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

J'adore la tire!
8 Cabanes À Sucre Near Montreal To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are a few places in the world where diets don't exist and we in Quebec are lucky that sugar shacks are among them. To Canadians living on the East Coast, maple syrup is like liquid gold. The sweet taste pairs well with almost everything and at a Quebec cabane à sucre, you can eat as much of it as you want. 

The opening of the shacks heralds the end of winter and beginning of spring, which I know we're all excited for 

Some are known for their traditional dishes and rustic charm while other spots have pushed the traditional boundaries.

But in every case, a cabane à sucre is an awesome experience for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Some of the classic sugar shack specialties include beans, omelet, split pea soup, and sausage — almost all soaked in syrup.

Of course, most Canadian of all is the congealed maple syrup served right off the ice and onto a popsicle stick. It's almost guaranteed to give you a good ol' fashion sugar high

For some of the best cabane à sucre experiences in the Montreal area, check out these eight places!

Sucrerie Bonaventure

Where: 15400, rue Charles, Mirabel

This rustic sugar shack knows how to do Quebec comfort food the right way. Located on a farm, guests can enjoy more than the decadent dishes that come out of the kitchen.

From riding on a horse-drawn carriage to a photoshoot stroll through the grounds, this sugar shack is a lot of fun.

And, for the vegetarians and gluten-free readers, the menu is modifiable based on your eating restrictions.


Domaine Labranche

Where: 565, Rang Saint-Simon

Sleigh your way into a food coma at Domane Labranche at this family-run sugar shack is known for their homemade goods and traditional dishes.

Not only will you be able to stuff your face at this establishment but you will also be able to make some furry new friends at the petting zoo.


Cabane À Sucre Handfield

Where: 190, Rang des Soixante, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu

This cozy sugar shack has an "all you can eat" menu that is sure to fill you and your crew stomachs up for the rest of the day.

The comfortable establishment offers a traditional cabane a sucre experience as you surround yourself with loved ones and immerse yourself into the Quebec culture.


Sucrerie du Domaine

Where: 280, Chemin du Domaine des Chutes, Chertsey

Known for its high-quality meals, high energy staff, and sugary sweets, Sucrerie Du Domaine is a great spot if for sugar shack season.

Not only do they offer a vegan menu but their incredibly warm and charming decor also adds to the charisma of this establishment


Cabane À Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Where: 11382 Rang de la Fresnière, Mirabel

When it comes to sugar shacks, Au Pied de Cochon is kind of a big deal. Run by the masterminds behind the restaurant of the same name. This shack serves up some of the most decadent and elaborate dishes imaginable.

This glamorous yet comfortable establishment takes sugar shacking to an entirely new level.


Érablière Charbonneau

Where: 45 Chemin du Sous-Bois, Mont-Saint-Grégoire

For those looking for an authentic experience, Érablière Charbonneau offers just that. From the food and ambiance to the music and decor, everything about this spot is traditional cabane à sucre.

After devouring a delicious meal you will be able to burn it off as you stroll through a scenic route with beautiful scenery.


Sucrerie De La Montagne

Where: 300, Chemin Saint-Georges, Rigaud

I'm not sure if it is the live music or the abundance of tasty food but this establishment will instantly make you feel like you have entered a different world.

After eating as much as you physically can, you can take a stroll through the exquisite property and allow yourself to connect with nature.


Chalet Des Erables

Where: 384, Montée Gagnon, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

Not only will guests be able to nosh on traditional dishes and snacks on snow toffee, but at this sugar shack, you get more than a culinary experience.

From the antique car rides and pony rides to the mechanical bull and so much more, Chalet Des Erables was made for people to let loose and enjoy.


Enjoy the syrup, Montreal!

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