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8 Salad Bars In Montreal That Are Perfect For Pretending It’s Already Summer

Who doesn't love a good summer salad?
8 Salad Bars In Montreal That Are Perfect For Pretending It’s Already Summer
  • As the weather starts to get warmer, our cravings start to change, which is leading a lot of us to be seeking out salad bars in Montreal.
  • To make your search a little easier, we put together a list of some of our favourites around the city.
  • Check out the list below!

There are always so many food options to pick from in Montreal. During the cold of winter, a lot of us end up opting for comfort food, seeing how we all are searching for ways of staying warm. But, when the snow begins the melt and the sun starts to stay out longer, our cravings begin to change, which has a lot of us looking for lighter, healthier options to dig into. And this is exactly why I have made a list of salad bars in Montreal to check out!

Salad bars have become a go-to for so many of us. Not only do they offer healthy and fresh options, but the tastiness in every bite truly leaves you wanting more and more. And, you don't have to feel guilty about it. Best of both worlds, right?

All the spots on the list are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds. From the colourful dishes to the adorable spaces, each of these spots will impress both you and your social media following — in the best ways possible! 

Abe & Marys

Where: 2125, Rue De La Montagne & 2346, Lucerne

When it comes to salads, there is no place I would rather go than Abe & Marys. There is something about there salad dressings combined with the cool atmosphere and amazing options that keep me coming back time and time again.

Also, as a bonus, you can shop while you eat as this salad joint has a really cool boutique inside of it. If you ask me, shopping combined with salads is a pretty beautiful, yet deadly, combination!



Where: Various locations throughout Montreal

Mandy's is most probably the most popular salad bar in all of Montreal. With locations opening in almost every neighborhood, it comes as no surprise that this eatery made the list.

The adorable and fresh decor combined with the killer salads really makes this a spot to check out, especially if you are craving the fresh taste of summer!


Dirty Greens

Where: 1, Place Ville Marie; Le Cathcart

Dirty Greens is one of the newest salad players in the game and it has been making quite a name for itself. Located in the new food hall Le Cathcart, Dirty Greens serves up a slew of incredible salads that will quench your cravings.

Owned by the same beauty that is behind the epic Arthurs Nosh Bar, the quality and service are what makes this place stand out.


Chloe's Salad & Cafe

Where: 4175, rue Jean-Talon O.

This family-owned establishment has been around since 2018 and has been serving customers some of the most epic salads since it has come to existence.

The array of dressings to pick from combined with the amazing ingredients makes this a must-try for anyone craving that summer freshness.



Where: 4775, rue Jean-Talon O.

Atesso is known for making some of the best healthy salads in the city.

Not only can you get a big, healthy and flavor-filled salad at Attesso, but while gorging on the deliciousness you can get your car washed at the same time. This random, yet dream-like combination makes your lunchtime dining experience even more practical!


Liv Salades

Where: Numerous locations in Montreal

Liv Salades is slowly becoming a go-to for salade lovers in the city. With four locations in Montreal, this healthy snack bar is a must for anyone chasing summer, or those healthy eats.

Liv prides themselves on their fresh, quality ingredients while making sure each customer is satisfied and full after eating one of their epic meals.


JJs Salades

Where: 5847, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Not only does JJ's make some of the biggest and best salads in the city, but they are my go-to spot when I am on the go during my busy day.

This eatery has a "drive-up" feature meaning you can call the restaurant, put in your order and give them the colour and make of your car, in ten minutes from the time you called, you will be hand-delivered your meal to your car, so you don't need to worry about parking — how cool is that?


Station Verte

Where: 6417, blvd. St-Laurent

Not only does this eatery make incredibly good salads, but it also happens to be one of the cutest little gems found around our city — at least in my opinion.

The adorable decor, good food, and fresh juices make Station Verte one of those places you must try, especially if you are craving something healthy.

The black and white floors, pink walls and green couch make this spot look like it is straight out of a magazine and the food will not disappoint either.


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