8 Thai Restaurants In Montreal That Will Make You Want To Book A Trip To Bangkok

Get ready for a taste bud vacation.
8 Thai Restaurants In Montreal That Will Make You Want To Book A Trip To Bangkok

We've been taking a look throughout the year at the top 10 most popular ethnic cuisines in Canada, based on Chef's Pencil latest research. A website devoted to chef recipes and all things gastronomic, Chef's Pencil broke it down even further and looked at the top five most Googled cuisines in and around Quebec. While Chinese food stole the show, Italian, Thai, Indian, and lastly Mexican weren't far behind, respectively. While Thai food had the lowest score for Montreal proper (Google Score: 83), it still came in at third overall. So, it's about time to take a look at some of the best Thai restaurants in Montreal where you can satisfy your noodle and curry cravings. 

The Google results also took into account searches that were looking for recipes to create at home, but why mess up your kitchen when you can head out for a relatively inexpensive night of food and ambiance. 

There are Thai restaurants in Montreal to suit every fancy and every budget. Whether you want to relax at an authentic, cushioned floor spot or you're more in the mood for something quick, cheap and in the veins of Thai street food, the city offers a selection of southeast options.

Épicerie Pumpui

Where: 83, rue Saint-Zotique

Take a look at the Facebook page for more on this simple restaurant-counter Thai staple!

Pick Thai

Where: 5221, blvd. de Maisonneuve O.

Check out this NDG staple here!

Restaurant Maison Prathet Thai

Where: 1235, rue Guy

Learn more about this authentic Thai restaurant here!

Cuisine Bangkok

Where: 1327, rue Ste-Catherine E.

For the best inexpensive eats, click here!

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Thaï Sep

Where: 1900, rue Jean-Talon E.

Bring your own wine!


Where:4088, rue St-Denis

Check out the all-vegetarian menu!

Restaurant Thaïlande

Where: 88, rue Bernard O.

Get more info on this cushioned floor seating spot!


Where: 1205, ave. Bernard

Get a glimpse of a Thai street food menu at its best!

Enjoy! And remember, when a Thai restaurant asks how spicy you want your food, it's best to err on the side of caution.