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9 Quebec Cabins In The Woods Where You Can Have A Wine Weekend With Your Girlfriends

What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin!
9 Quebec Cabins In The Woods Where You Can Have A Wine Weekend With Your Girlfriends

As much as I love living in Montreal, there are some weekends when I just need to escape the city and connect with both the ones I love and nature. Luckily for us, there are a ton of places around Montreal that offer that serenity we so desperately crave. I went digging for Quebec Airbnbs and found a ton of amazing homes that feel like they were built for weekend getaways with friends.

There is something so fun about going to a chalet with your crew and just chilling by a fire. Not to mention the obvious amounts of food that are usually consumed on these weekend escapes.

All of these homes offer beautiful views and natural surroundings that you and your friends can bask in throughout your stay. And, a lot of them have fireplaces in them, which are a definite must throughout the wintertime.

From lavish modern properties to classic wood cabins, I dug deep and found something for everyone, at all different price ranges.

If you weren't thinking of going away for the weekend, you may have a change of heart after checking out these Airbnb homes.

With all that being said, would anyone like to rent a house for the weekend?

The Rustic Chalet


Located in Saint Adele, this cozy home is big enough to fit you and your closest six friends.

For just $200 a night, you and your gang can snuggle up next to the indoor fireplace!

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The Million Dollar View


If you are your friends are looking for a comfortable place to stay that won't break the bank, this may be the spot for you.

Not only does this house exude a rustic charm but the spectacular views surrounding it will make you never want to leave! And, for just $180 a night, you and your friends can stay here!

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The Modern Luxury Surrounded By Nature


This dream space screams luxury and you and your friends can stay here for a pretty penny. However, if you are 6 people total, it will come up to $81 a night, which is totally worth it.

Central to all the Laurentians has to offer, this space combines prestige, comfort, and relaxation.

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The Secluded House On The Lake

Jenna Rachelle

If you are your crew are looking for a spot to spend the weekend, this house may be just what you need.

Not only is the space big enough to sleep eight people, but the nature that surrounds the home will allow you and your friends to completely disconnect from the city. And, the $220 a night cost doesn't seem so bad when you divide it by eight.

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The Panoramic View With A Hot Tub

air Bnb

This home is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. The modern decor combined with the rustic setting creates an environment designed for relaxation.

This is a great chalet for a group of friends looking to escape the madness of Montreal. It costs $225 per night.

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The Lodge In The Woods


This lodge is the epitome of a cozy, up north house. The wood features, outdoor fire pit, and surrounding nature are all part of this property's charm.

The home is big enough to sleep four guests comfortably, making this a great place to escape with your friends. And it's only $135 a night.

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The Classic Country House


This classic home may be on the more expensive side since it's $447 a night, but as you can see from the photos, it's pretty spectacular.

This wood cabin in Tremblant is what weekend dreams are made of. So, if you and your gang are looking to splurge, this spot is the place for you.

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The Modern Waterfront Cottage


This stunning cottage was built in 2019 and gives off a unique combination of modern charm and natural beauty. If you are looking for a vacation spot without having to travel to far, you might want to check out this house at $314 a night.

Located on the lake, this is a great spot for you and your friends to rent for the weekend.

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The Feather House


This elegant home has a true old world, "up north" charm to it. The secluded house offers guests a private place to unwind.
All the essentials are included in this 8 person home including a working fireplace!

For $200 a night, this is a great option for a weekend getaway with your nearest and dearest.

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Happy escaping!

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