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9 High-End Montreal Restaurants That Are Still Open & Offering Fancy Meals To Go

Lobster tails, anyone?
9 High-End Montreal Restaurants That Are Still Open & Offering Fancy Meals To Go

There are certain times when treating yourself to a nice, classy meal is just absolutely necessary. With so many restaurants currently closed, it's nice to know that we can still have a fancy dining experience — even if it comes in a box. And that's all thanks to the high-end Montreal restaurants that are offering delivery and takeout right now.

Ordering from one of them is perfect for those nights where you simply feel like splurging on yourself.

Montreal is known for the epic eateries that come in all price ranges. From junk food essentials to pho soups and healthy options, there are so many food choices for you to pick from.

But, when it comes to wining and dining in your own kitchen, there are only a few restaurants that will help set the mood.

With so many options to pick from including high-end greek food, middle eastern delicacies, and even deluxe hamburgers, there are many different lavish meals that you can pick from.

And, who says you only need to choose one?

During this isolation period, you deserve to be spoiled with a fancy dinner so why not check out one of these incredible spots? You'll be eating like the royals do! 


Zante is one of the best Greek eateries in the city — and it's officially open for takeout.

If you're craving delicious octopus, lamb chops, and even great desserts, you're going to want to splurge on this phenomenal restaurant.


Ristorante Beatrice

Beatrice is one of the most loved restaurants in Montreal. The good food combined with the phenomenal customer service has allowed it to gain its prominent status in our city.

And now, it's offering both takeout and delivery from Thursday to Sunday, which you should take advantage of!



If you have yet to dine at Damas, I'm sure you have heard all about the wonderful meals its chefs prepare.

The Syrian eatery has a hint of Persian-influence and cooks up some of the most flavour-filled dished you'll ever taste.

Currently, it's available both delivery and pickup, which makes isolation a lot tastier.



When it comes to high-end Greek food in Montreal, you instantly think of Milos. This fantastic spot is by far my favourite restaurant in all of Montreal.

The quality of each ingredient used makes every dish absolutely mouth-watering.

Although it doesn't currently have a delivery option, it's still offering pickup, and yes — it's worth going to get!


QDC Burger

When you think of high-end eateries your mind rarely goes to burgers, however, when you try a QDC burger, you'll know the definition of a luxurious burger experience.

The high-end ingredients combined with the decadent toppings make this a lavish burger one that tastes like no other.

Try one for yourself!



When I think of BARROCO, my mouth almost instantly waters. The Old Port restaurant is known for its amazing Spanish dishes filled with unique tastes and flavours.

And, luckily for us, you can enjoy its meals by curbside pickup or delivery.


Lucille's Oyster Dive

Lucille's is a go-to when it comes to high-end dining in the city.

And although so many of us miss the ambiance of this restaurant, I know I'm not the only one who is excited that we can enjoy it from our home.

Lucille's is offering pickup at its Monkland location and both takeout and delivery at the Westmount location.



When it comes to sushi in Montreal, Ryú is at the top of my list. The fresh ingredients are always quality and if you're craving good, high-end sushi, you're going to want to splurge at Ryú.

Currently, the restaurant is offering pickup its the Peel location. And believe me when I say that it's worth the drive!


Pizzeria Moretti

Before the world changed, Moretti was almost always jam-packed.

Although we can't enjoy a quality dining room experience right now, we can pig out on its amazing meals thanks to its pickup option and UberEats.

Happy dining!

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