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9 Montreal-Area Dream Homes That Are Worth Eating Only Ramen For The Rest Of Your Life

Look for spare change in your couch!
9 Montreal-Area Dream Homes That Are Worth Eating Only Ramen For The Rest Of Your Life

Montreal is home to a number of incredible features that distinguish it on the continent. But it is perhaps less known for its large properties and lavish demonstrations of wealth than its Canadian counterparts, Toronto and Vancouver. Though the city is known for its (relative) affordability, however, it is still home to some spectacular properties. Below are nine dream houses for sale in the Montreal area that well represent the upper echelon of real estate in the city.

These multi-million dollar mansions belong on Pinterest and in the pages of Architectural Digest. 

When it comes to looking at million-dollar mansions, I consider myself a bit of an expert. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by glamourous, unaffordable goods — houses included.

I have spent countless hours taking virtual tours of homes that I will sadly probably never be able to afford.

Although these homes are ridiculously expensive, it is nice to use them as a kind of motivation.

You never know, maybe one day one of these homes will be yours!

Mansion On The South Shore

Engel & Völkers

This castle-like, sprawling five-bedroom complex sits on 35,000 square feet of land along a golf course.

There's even an in-law suite on the second floor accessible by elevator.

Everything about this luxurious home has me convinced that I can live life off the island — all I'm missing is $3.2 million!

View the listing here!

Regal Castle With Outdoor Paradise

Engel & Völkers

This regal home located in Boucherville is truly magnificent. Everything from the stunning stone façade to the breathtaking master bedroom screams luxury.

The backyard is as impressive as the rest of the house. Resort-level accommodations like the inground pool, garden, outdoor bar and kitchen, and hot and spa mean you never really have to leave.

The only thing between me and this home is $2.2 million!

View the listing here!

Historic Westmount Mansion

Google Street View

Located on one of the most "prestigious streets" in one of the most sought-out areas in the city, this architectural masterpiece can be yours for the small price of $10.8 million.

This is a true gem of a home and my definition of a dream house!

View the listing here!

Contemporary Luxury In Upper Westmount

Google Street View

Upper Westmount is like the Beverly Hills of Montreal. The homes are impressive, the cars are fancy, and almost every lawn is manicured to perfection. This home is no exception.

Sitting on 13,000-square-foot property, this home is the perfect combination of function and luxury.

If you have $12.5 million to blow, this is a great purchase for you. Included in the price are 5 bedrooms, a coach house, wine cellar, music room, pool, and much more.

View the listing here!

Fairytale Mansion With Gorgeous Garden

Google Street View

This 3-storey home exudes style and grace. Located in Upper Westmount, this stone home has a sprawling front garden that gives the property a charming, provincial feel.

The interior is a design blogger's dream.

This home is currently on the market for $4.8 million, which means I, unfortunately, can't move in any time soon- a girl can dream!

View the listing here!

Towering Estate In Downtown Montreal

Google Street View

This mega-mansion sits on 18,000 square feet of "private, beautifully landscaped grounds" and houses a 14-car garage and saltwater pool.

The alluringly glamorous estate combines classic European architecture with contemporary design.

All of this can be yours for $15 million!

View the listing here!

Waterfront Mansion

Combining sophistication, elegance, and craftsmanship, according to its listing, this Montreal mansion is on the market for $4.48 million.

Situated on the bank of the Rivières des Prairies in Ahuntsic, the spectacular property includes a "private solarium, custom detailed kitchen, 2 in-ground pools and triple garage."

View the listing here!

Mansion In The Golden Square Mile

Google Street View

The stunning stone mansion in the heart of Downtown just looks expensive. And, indeed, the eight-bedroom home is on the market for $6 million.

From the "finely sculpted woodwork" to the high ceilings and detailed mouldings, everything about this home looks like it belongs in the Gilded Age.

And, although there is no pool, the beautiful outdoor space will allow you to have access to what might be the most exclusive terrasse in downtown Montreal!

View the listing here!

5-Bedroom Home In Ville Saint-Laurent With Hidden Treasures

Google Street View

This stunning 5-bedroom home in Ville Saint-Laurent is on the market for $3.8 million and is equipped with everything you will ever need.

From the gorgeous backyard and pool to the magazine-like staircase, wine cellar, and enormous home theatre

Now, how can I make a couple million dollars fast and legally?

View the listing here!

One can dream!

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