9 Open Montreal Jobs That Don't Ask For A University Degree & Actually Don't Suck

From the "Canadian secret service" to Air Canada Jazz.

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9 Open Montreal Jobs That Don't Ask For A University Degree & Actually Don't Suck

There are seemingly a ton of Montreal jobs that you'd love to apply to, but when you click on the job post, they require 17 university degrees, a doctorate, and your firstborn child.

That's sadly the reality of many posts out there.

But you can find a job in this city that pays well, has good prospects, and doesn't require a ridiculous amount of education.

The list below is meant to give you an idea of the positions out there that don't require a university degree.

Note that jobs postings will likely disappear once employers fill the positions.

Fleet Assistant For The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

Salary: $43,860 to $53,350/year

Who Should Apply: You only need a high school diploma (plus relevant experience) to nab this job at Canadian Security Intelligence Service (the Canadian secret service).

But there will be no spying in this job — at least it seems so.

The CSIS needs someone to test its road vehicles and bring them in for repairs.

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Festival & Theatrical Release Coordinator For The National Film Board

Salary: $49,081 to $59,692/year

Who Should Apply: Listed qualifications include a college diploma in a relevant field, three years of experience, bilingualism and knowledge of Microsoft Word.

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Operations Coordinator At Le Creuset

Who Should Apply: Le Creuset is looking for someone with a positive attitude and "working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, order entry, inventory controls," and other qualifications.

The job posting says the company offers a "competitive salary," benefits and product discounts.

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Chocolate Maker

Who Should Apply: Anyone with good attention to detail and a passion for chocolate might consider applying to join the team at Concept Chocolat in LaSalle.

The company describes a fast-paced and "physically demanding" work environment, so be prepared.

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Banking Advisor At The National Bank Of Canada

Who Should Apply: Someone who's passionate about customer service. The National Bank of Canada asks its banking advisors to help guide customers from the moment they walk in the door.

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Influencer Project Manager

Who Should Apply: This company represents celebrities, influencers, athletes and models. According to the job posting, the Influencer Project Manager would be responsible for building relationships with brands and fielding requests, in addition to "[overseeing] influencer activities."

Applicants need one to three years of marketing or public relations experience and should be "social media savvy," among many other qualifications.

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Coach At The Montreal Racket Club

Jeangagnon | Wikimedia Commons

Salary: $45,000/year plus bonuses and commission

Who Should Apply: If you have a passion for coaching and racket sports like squash and racketball, this job could be for you.

The club wants someone with three to five years of experience in racket coaching.

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Executive Assistant At Groupe CH

Who Should Apply: Groupe CH wants someone with either a Baccalauréat or DEC and five years of experience to support its executive team. Applicants also need to be bilingual.

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Flight Attendant At Air Canada Jazz

Salary: $25,000 to $28,000/year

Who Should Apply: Someone with at least a high school diploma and one year of customer service experience.

Benefits include flight privileges with Air Canada and an expense allowance.

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