Montreal Inspired Books, Puzzles & Games That Will Get Your Eyes Off The Screen

All of which are available on Amazon!
Montreal Inspired Books, Puzzles & Games That Will Get Your Eyes Off The Screen
  • Since we all miss seeing our favourite city in action right now, MTL Blog figured we'd find some Montreal inspired things to do at home.
  • From books to painting and puzzles, we made a list of things you can to do keep yourself occupied while reminding you of your love for Montreal.
  • Check out the activities that are available on Amazon right now!

Many of us are constantly searching for fun things to do while staying inside. And, I know I'm not the only person who's grateful for sites like Amazon that deliver basically whatever you need right to your front step. Since there are hundreds and hundreds of Amazon pages to scroll through, I figured I'd help those looking for things to do at home by providing a list of Montreal inspired activities.

From puzzles and paint by numbers to books about our city, Amazon has a ton of cool things we can get that will help us get our eyes away from a screen and onto something more productive.

The following activities are what have helped keep me sane right now, but there are so many other things you can do to stay motivated and active during this time.

From video cooking lessons to online workout classes and virtual games that we can play with our friends, there's no need for us to get bored while spending our days inside.

This is probably why Quebec was shown to be the best province at following social distancing measures, according to Google statistics.

Montreal Inspired Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way of staying busy and these beautiful, Montreal inspired puzzles are really cool.

Not only will it kill a lot of time, but you can glue it together in the end and use it as a piece of art in your home. This is also a way of saving it as a keepsake for you to remember this time in our lives.

Here is some fun MTL ones that I think are worth spending hours on:

Hockey Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Get it here

Montreal Skyline 500 Pieces

Get it here

Montreal Canadiens Puzzle 1000 Pieces

Get it here

1000 Piece Old Montreal Puzzle

Get it here

Hockey Inspired Paint By Number

These colourful Habs inspired paint by numbers are great ways to create fun to put on your walls later on.

So, you get a memory and a piece of art all in one shot!

Montreal Canadiens' Paint By Number

Get it here

Habs Logo Paint By Number

Get it here

Montreal Related Books

There are a ton of cool books based on our favourite city to choose from, but the following three are my top choices.

From Montreal cookbooks and stories about eating and drinking in the city, this is what I like to call fun reading material.

The book Montréal Then And Now lets you see just how much our city has evolved throughout the years.

These books are both fun to flip through and can act as a great decoration piece in your apartment!

Montreal Cooks

Get it here

Montreal: 375 Tales of Eating, Drinking, Living, and Loving

Get it here

Montréal Then And Now

Get it here

I hope you manage to keep yourself busy while reminding yourself of your love for your city!