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9 Montreal Restaurants That Are Perfect For Dining Alone

You don't need a friend to have good food.
9 Montreal Restaurants That Are Perfect For Dining Alone
  • Montreal restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to know where to go for what.
  • If you're looking to get some alone time while enjoying a nice meal, we have made the perfect list for you.
  • See our list of where to have a solo date around the city below!

Eating alone has always had a certain stigma to it, but the reality is that eating alone can be incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable. When you live in a city with as many restaurants as Montreal , you're bound to fall in love with a variety of the food options, including eateries that are ideal for a night out with yourself.

Spending time with yourself is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. And, although some people find it "weird" to eat alone, I know I'm not the only one who finds it to be ultra-relaxing.

When it comes to eating alone, a lot of people assume that fast-food joints are the way to go, but I'm here to tell you that you can eat and enjoy yourself at a restaurant when you're alone.

You can either munch alone with your thoughts or bring a good book to dive into during your meal. Either way, it's important to take yourself out on a date every now and again.

From tasty Carribean flavours to lavish food hall experiences, Montreal is equipped with restaurants of all kinds that will turn your solo meal into a night to remember.


Where: 2145, rue Crescent and 66, rue Saint Viateur O.

If you're craving the Caribbean then Lloydies is the place for you.

Known for its exotic flavours and casual and lively atmosphere, this is a spot that will have you continuously coming back for more.

Their affordable and tasty dishes combined with the cool vibe make this a great spot for anyone looking to dine alone.



Where: 5524, rue Saint-Patrick #200

This large and impressive loft space serves up market-fresh dishes is a great place for you to spend some one on one time with yourself.

Not only is the food great but the drinks and views will remind you of why you don't need anyone else to have a great meal in Montreal.


Dinette Triple Crown

Where: 6704, rue Clark

If you're searching for a little comfort food then this is the spot for you. The flavour-filled dishes in combination with the cozy environment make this spot a must for anyone looking for a dreamy dinner for one.

And best of all, during the spring and summer, you can enjoy the same delicious dishes while dining in a park!



Where: 1844, rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Kazu is one of those spots that you can't help but fall in love with. The Japanese inspired dishes will melt in your mouth. From the shrimp burgers to the homemade tofu, Kazu has all the ingredients you need for an epic meal.

The cozy restaurant also happens to be a great spot for those looking to dine by themselves. The homey vibe and great food will keep you coming back for more.



Where: 1468, rue Peel

Livia has become one of my favourite spots in the city, especially when I'm looking to spend some quality time with myself.

Everything from the wide range of drink selection to the savoury and sweet menu items makes this spot a must for any local looking to dine alone.

The adorable and oh-so-instagrammable decor combined with the tasty foods and kind staff makes this a great spot for anyone looking to take themselves out on a date.



Where: 6576, blvd. Saint-Laurent

Cafeden is one of those amazing restaurants that will impress even the pickiest of eaters. This intimate and modern eatery serves creative Vietnamese dishes in an industrial-chic space.

Everything from the food to the ambiance makes this a must for anyone searching for a place for a solo meal.


Le Filet

Where: 219, rue Mont-Royal O.

For those of you looking to spoil yourself, Le Filet is a great spot for you. The glamourous decor combines with the creative dishes makes this restaurant so special.

If you're a seafood lover, then you're going to totally want to check Le Filet out.


Time Out Market

Where: 705, rue Sainte-Catherine O.

If you're as indecisive as I a,. then Time Out Market is a great place for your solo date night. Not only is this epic food hall filled with decadent options to pick from but you can also treat yourself to a glass of wine while you dine.


Soba Sushi

Where: 5227, rue Sherbrooke O.

Soba Sushi is a casual restaurant that is best known for its sushi and noodle dishes. The unpretentious setting and tasty dishes make Soba Sushi an ideal eatery for that solo date you're so desperately craving.

And, best of all, this spot is fairly affordable, which means you won't need to break the bank to eat like royalty.


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