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9 Montreal Winter Date Ideas That Are So Romantic You Won't Even Notice The Cold

Cold? What cold?
9 Montreal Winter Date Ideas That Are So Romantic You Won't Even Notice The Cold

Snow falls always seem so romantic until the layers of coats, hats, and jackets take a bit of the glamour away from them. As someone who is born and raised in Montreal, I have become somewhat of an expert in winter. And, I can tell you first hand that dating during the cold season tends to create some challenges. Lucky for you, MTL Blog has thought of it all, even romantic winter date ideas in Montreal that are sure to make you forget about the cold.

There are so many romantic activities to explore during the winter. Some of which will keep you warm with alcohol while others will have your body temperature rising from movement. Either way, these dates are so fun and romantic that you will forget about the ridiculously cold temperatures that we live in. 

The winter is an excuse to hold your date close and keep them warm. It is, in fact, a gift to all the hopeless romantics out there. So, instead of complaining about the cold, use it to your advantage.

Just make sure you dress appropriately for each event, so you avoid frostbite or getting moody because you can't feel your toes!

Relax At Bota Bota

Where: Vieux-Port de Montreal, Entrée McGill de la Commune Ouest & McGill

Being able to look at the crisp white snow, while relaxing in a cozy white robe is something I truly love to do.

This floating spa located in Old Montreal offers diverse treatments and yoga classes.

The historic river ferry that transformed into an upscale spa also houses a restaurant, which makes this a one-stop-shop for a romantic winter date that will have you forgetting about the dreaded cold outside.

Check out the website!

Go For High Tea Together

Where: Various spots in Montreal

There is something very sweet about sipping on tea across from that special someone that gives you the illusion of being in a glamourous romance novel.

Throughout Montreal, there are a ton of places that offer high tea including the Ritz-Carlton, Le Parloir, and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Find out where to go!

Sip On Tequila & Mezcal At Clandestino

Where: 436 St Francois Xavier

What I love most about this hidden mezcal and tequila speakeasy is that it brings me back to the years when I lived in New York City.

This is an ideal spot for a cozy date night with that special someone. And, as a bonus, the chic decor adds to the allure of this establishment.

Find out more about Clandestino!

Attend A Cabane A Sucre Block Party

Where: rue Wellington, near De l'Église Metro

From Thursday, March 19 to Sunday, March 22, rue Wellington is transforming into a Cabane A Sucre Block party and it is the perfect spot for a winter date.

With all the sugar that you will put into your body, your brain won't even be able to process how cold it is outside!

Find out more!

Keep Eachother Warm At An Ice Bar

Where: 3426 rue Notre-Dame O; Cyr Restaurant

One thing that will make you forget about the cold outside, is entering an even colder place, like an ice bar.

Cyr is a Montreal restaurant that also happens to have a hidden ice bar inside.

This will give you an excuse to drink a ton of vodka, which warms your body up anyway, all while snuggling up next to each other!

Find out all about it!

Explore The Greenhouses At The Botanical Gardens

Where: 4101 rue Sherbrooke E

Whenever I am craving warmth in the midst of winter, I go to the Botanical Gardens.

This spot allows me to enjoy the beauty of a myriad of different plants, among other things. The heat inside the large greenhouses lets you keep your toes warm after the walk there. Inside, there are waterfalls, winding paths, and even some architectural features.

Check it out!

Visit A Hidden Garden

Where: Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory has always been one of my favourite parts of the city. And, I'm here to tell you the hidden garden on the property named "Way of the Cross" is truly something to see.

Designed in 1942 by Frederick Todd, this hidden garden will captivate you and your boo, which means you'll both be totally forgetting about the cold temperatures!

Read more about it!

Cross-Country Ski To The Top Of Mount Royal

A moonlit trek to the top of Mount Royal always makes me feel like I'm living out a scene of a cheesy romantic comedy.

You can get a guide, which will lead you through the snowy woods, where you'll pass the cross and head to the summit of the park. Or you can do it on your own! Regardless, it's all very romantic.

And, your body will be so warm from the exercise that you'll totally forget it's winter (besides the snow)!

Take A Walk Through Parc La Fontaine

Parc La Fontaine has a certain magnetism about it, especially during the cold season, which makes you feel like you are in a winter-inspired dream.

As the snow begins to cover Montreal, pretty walks through the park past softly-glowing street lamps will remind us all not to hate winter entirely.

And, bringing hot chocolate will make this experience a whole lot warmer!

Which date will you go on first?

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