9 Of The Wildest Mega Items Spotted At The Special Costco Near Montreal

It's the first of its kind in the province.
Associate Editor

If you love buying in bulk, then you've probably already heard that a business-focused Costco warehouse opened near Montreal last year — and about 70% of the items cannot be found at regular Costco Wholesale stores. 

So what exactly do they sell? 

Editor's Choice: A Special Costco Warehouse Just Opened Near Montreal

MTL Blog got a look, and there were definitely some items that made us stop and go, "Woah!" followed by questioning whether we'd been shrunk and were now forced to navigate a world made for humans who were giant in comparison to us, à la Honey, I Shrunk the Kids or Downsizing.

Are these products outrageously large? Yes.

Will you feel the need to own them immediately upon seeing them? Maybe.

But, above all, it's just fun to know they've been spotted within a 20-minute drive of downtown Montreal.

A Vat Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $899.00

Details: With 208 litres of olive oil, you can cook with it AND bathe in it.

Watermelons Bigger Than Your Head

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $4.99

Details: Seedless and absolutely massive.

A Full Wheel Of Parmigiano-Reggiano

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $816.79

Details: This is for those of us who are perpetually disappointed by the lack of parmesan cheese in our fridges to grate on top of our dinners. Never again with this baby... if you can find a fridge it'll fit inside.

Serrano Ham

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $149.99

Details: 6.5 kilograms of this dry-cured Spanish delicacy.

Pails Of Nutella

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $20.99

Details: It has a handle so you can bring it everywhere you go.

Barrels Of Maple Syrup

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $199.99

Details: They look like kegs and hold 18.9 litres of Bernard Maple Syrup.

So Much Poutine Sauce

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $59.99

Details: 18 kilograms of Rose Hill Melange Sauce Poutine — a true symbol of Quebecois pride.

An Actual Shawarma Machine

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $2,799.99

Details: Shawarma, donair, kebab, gyros — it all comes from a vertical broiler like this one.

A Package Of 1,100 Tea Bags

Ilana Belfer | MTL Blog

Price: $26.99

Details: You could drink a cup of tea every day for three years before running out.

SAQ price increases first announced in May are scheduled to take effect on Sunday, July 18.

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