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9 Of Montreal’s Most Instagrammed Spots To Go For Your Next Photoshoot

Prepare to get some stellar content!
9 Of Montreal’s Most Instagrammed Spots To Go For Your Next Photoshoot

Montreal is a beautiful city with beautiful people and even more beautiful places. The cityscape itself is the ideal backdrop for any photoshoot, no matter the season. But Instagram has pushed Montreal's photogenic attributes to a whole new level, heightening competition among the city's many restaurants and venues to attract social media-hungry patrons. Now, you don't have to look far to find some of the most Instagrammable places in Montreal.

Instagram models or not, we're all lured by the promise of a photogenic background.

The following locations are known for their ability to boost an Instagram feed.

Scroll through these location tags on the social media site to get a glimpse of their popularity.

From picture-perfect restaurants, flamboyant bathrooms, and colourful façades, these are the places to check out.

Next time you want to impress your followers, head to one of the following nine locations, all of which exude Montreal's character in addition to an Instagrammable aura.


Where: 1844, rue Atateken

Recently this eatery was voted one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the world and if you have ever been, you will know exactly why. Everything about this establishment is photogenic, from the decor and food to the exterior terrasse and bar.



Where: 1440, rue de la Montagne

Marcus, which is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Montreal, is a beautiful restaurant that oozes grace.

However, since its opening, the whole place has become an Instagram haven. The women's bathroom, with its floor-length mirrors and dark, sensual lighting, has attracted particular attention as the backdrop of many social media selfies.



Where: 1524, rue Notre-Dame O.

From the moment Maman opened in Montreal, social media influencers throughout the city flocked to check out its picturesque decor.

It's not only the blue and white plates and greenery that makes this spot special.

Every dish at this establishment is fit for a photo shoot, including the famous cookies that made it to Oprah's Favorite Things.


The Farsides

Where: 690, rue Notre-Dame O.

The Farsides is made to look like 90's Brooklyn.

Every corner has something that is both unique and eye-catching. From the fabulous bar and hip-hop album-covered plates covering the walls to the photogenic dishes (Thai-Hawaiian fusion) and designer bathrooms, this spot is a must for anyone looking to up their social media game.



Where: 2613, rue Notre-Dame O.

Barley has an adorable ambiance and its cereal coffees have been breaking the internet ever since its opening.

This amazing spot offers a ton of social media-worthy menu items.

And best of all, it's dog-friendly, so your four-legged bestie can get in on the shoot!


Botanical Gardens

Where: 4104, rue Sherbrooke E.

Who doesn't love having a photoshoot in the middle of colourful gardens? And at Montreal's Botanical Gardens, you've got a variety of different spots to get some stellar photos.

And this summer, there will be a Japanese spring picnic, so you know people will be flocking here for content.


La Grande Roue

Where: 362, rue de la Commune E.

No matter the season, you can always count on La Grande Roue to liven up your Insta feed.

The magnetic Ferris wheel simply elevates any photo.


Square St-Louis

Where: Rue St-Denis across from Sherbrooke metro station

If you're looking for an iconic Montreal backdrop for your social media shoot then Square St-Louis is the spot for you.

The colourful Victorian homes that line the north side of the square are what Instagram dreams are made of.

And, come spring, I can promise your feed will be flooded with pictures along this side of the square.

Pastel Rita

Where: 5761, blvd. St-Laurent

Pastel Rita will make you feel like you're hanging out in an easter egg.

The all-pastel decor has made it a hot spot for local influencers.


Happy Instagramming, Montreal!

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