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A City Of Montreal Car Apparently Got A Parking Ticket & The Irony Is Sweet (Photo)
  • An MTL Blog reader shared a photo of a city of Montreal municipal vehicle with what appears to be a parking ticket.
  • The ironic situation raises a few questions about parking tickets and the habits of city drivers. We've reach out to the city to inquire.
  • What delightfully ironic scenes have you come across in Montreal?

There is irony and wit in every corner you turn, especially in a city as unpredictable as Montreal.  

The people are unique, the government is questionable, the streets are laughable and the construction is unavoidable.

UPDATE: This article has been updated with a response from the city of Montreal.

Those last two points might be why parking is so often such a nightmare in the city. A recent, steep 28% increase in the cost of a parking ticket seemed designed to capitalize on this unfortunate situation and make it that much worse.

I never wish parking tickets on anyone, I honestly always feel bad when I see one on someone’s car. But the little devil on my shoulder can't help but smirk when I look at this photo, which pretty well captures the poetic irony that is Montreal.

MTL Blog reader @randysg snapped the paradoxical picture on the corner of rue Belmont and avenue Union.

As you can see in the photo, that it is in fact a vehicle belonging to the Montreal borough of Ville-Marie with what appears to be a parking ticket slammed right on the windshield.  

[rebelmouse-image 26890100 photo_credit="@randysg" expand=1 original_size="750x1334"] @randysg

I wonder if this particular driver was aware that they could actually get a ticket while in a municipal vehicle.

Truthfully, I am curious to know who pays for these tickets? The city to itself? The driver? And how often do government-owned vehicles receive tickets?  

Could it be that perhaps it wasn’t a ticket but a note to a fellow co-worker? Maybe it was a simple warning?

Also, where does all the money for parking tickets go exactly?

We reached out to the city of Montreal to verify the existence of the ticket and to pose these questions.

A spokesperson confirmed that the ticket was issued to a Ville-Marie vehicle because its driver "did not respect road safety rules." He will be the one to pay the fine.

Have you seen any cars of this nature with parking tickets on them?

Have you ever seen a municipal car with a boot on the wheel? 

It is truly these little things that make our city what it is.

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